What Your Favourite Batman Film Says About You

If you’re wondering why I’ve been covering Batman-related content recently (the evolution of the Batmobile The Evolution Of The Batmobile Batman’s Batmobile is a true icon. Read More , history of the batsuit Batman And The History Of The Batsuit Yesterday, we explored how the Batman’s bat symbol on his suit evolved over time. Today, we’ll take a look at the batsuit in its entirety. Read More , evolution of the bat symbol The Evolution Of Batman’s Suit: The Bat Symbol The bat emblem on Batman’s suit sure has come a long way: from the simple bat silhouette in 1939, to the instantly recognisable oval black on yellow symbol worn by Adam West and Michael Keaton. Read More ), it’s because this year marks Batman’s 75th anniversary. In fact, it took place just a few days ago. Here’s an idea: you should totally have a Batman movie marathon, then figure out your favourite one.

What Your Favourite Batman Film Says About You favourite batman

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