How To Deal With Mood Swings While Traveling Without Money | Begpacker Diaries Ep 16

What if you were hungry you have food but no way of opening it hi I’m Hank and I’m on a 6,000 kilometer walk from Holland to Jerusalem without money I have no idea where my next meal will come from without cash credit card or back-up plan I’m depending on my wits creativity and the kindness of strangers to find.

Food water and shelter these are the backpacker diaries it’s time for dinner tonight I’m eating bread with some pate perhaps a.

Traveling without money means you got to eat whatever is available and it isn’t always pretty mmm is there anybody that feels like a little midnight snack here’s a big.

One man eat pizza hey guys I’m here in Tirana Albania and I’m here in a little park just enjoying my evening dinner which is tomato bread couple other small things after that it’s time to set up camp which will probably be somewhere back here it’s important to.

Know that when you don’t get the right nutrients it can really mess with your mood I’m kind of trying to get sick.

Of all the walking mostly of not being able to choose what I want to eat it’s a little bit of a Down moment the.

Down days are gonna be there today is one of them I’m just gonna keep walking in this these moments I don’t trust my my own feeling and after winter comes summer and it didn’t take long before summer returned.

They were just some guys sitting next to me here and they didn’t finish their chocolate cake so after they left I grabbed it so I asked for a coffee but I also got a hammer farmer just gave me.

A big piece of bread and a gigantic piece of cheese that’s gonna feed me for a while so I.

Definitely need a shower let’s see if I can find one here along the beach I’m again combing my hair with my broken coal.

Which is getting worse and worse every day but as I said my backpack is getting lighter every day what I.

Wonder if I simply walk into a hotel and asked for.

A new comb would that work Takai me our fifth new english key yes I have kind of a special question I’m on a long walk from Holland to Jerusalem which I’m doing completely without money and I have a.

Little problem is that my comb that I’ve been using is kind of broke and now I know hotels usually have combs would it be possible to get anyone yeah you’re making my day thank you very much yeah awesome thank you so much high-five thank you in the next episode when you walk 6,000 kilometres you find all kinds of weird stuff lying.

On the side of the road a phone.

A knife a rocking horse a Christmas ball and hey guys thank you so much for watching and being part of the adventure and if you haven’t already be sure.

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