[archive 10.24.18] Xc2 Ch. 7 Side Quests And Chill

Ready alright it’s 9:20 to keep that in mind keep that in mind as I watch this football ad I still get paid nothing from this this guy I was this ad is super long – oh my god and it’s always the same once like they don’t have any other ones no one else wants to run any Thursday Night.

Football and twitch my favorite place to watch football I have no idea how to play football in.

The first place I give me one second i’ma let the stream running imma let’s assume run for a little bit so it could inevitably crash before actually start playing let’s go.

Ahead and tweet this I keep on saying I’m doing Xenoblade Chronicles two side quests and I don’t wanna have any other.

Side quests I can currently do I do have one but it’s really annoying we just wanna have on right now but I don’t want to do it so we’re gonna go we’re gonna go walking around right now pick me up some side.

That’s tweeted I should probably reply to the original tweet I mean the pol tweet so just been on since uh yesterday to UM Twitter I don’t need you for now I minimize you okay yeah okay um the donation thing.

Gotten and by that I mean the ones from during the summer when I played what did I do during the summer it was just like Jack Fox and and Coliseum Michael for some reason is my highest donator right now with a total of about forty some dollars he donates 30 out of nowhere back in no I think it was before before.

I did the Coliseum stuff I can’t remember what’s up power pumpkin gamer we’re back in that usual streaming streaming hours I guess I don’t know by the way the stream I did yesterday in the afternoon eating count as a unique day for the twitch affiliate yet to stream.

Seven unique days and the one.

From yesterday didn’t count because uh I guess I streamed and like.

the next time and it wasn’t refreshed okay DJ stank daddy what’s up man does that.

Really spread that Michael was your piercer it’s because I’m I kind of feel bad because I’m also including the money he gave me to buy the apple pie and the whatever big was it a Big Mac or like two apple pies I don’t remember but I’m including that into that so I think that’s less than yeah that’s lesson that’s just about half actually so we’re almost there at that stream deck even though Michael should probably buy me one for Christmas but you never know you never know it might just show.

Up on my door and this bar would just be for nothing or place there was something else I should have incentives like if it reaches 75 in this stream I’ll I don’t know I don’t know but I should really make a list or some but I guess it’s too late now and I need ideas too so.

I shad a ghost pepper sauce here I don’t have any have some in my other place but not here I’ll buy a bottle I’ll buy a bottle for here and when you reach like 100 I’ll just like chug it down okay not the whole thing because that’s actually impossible it’s not impossible but it’s not healthy it’s gonna look for quests over here actually what am i doing.

The right side mother there we.

Go okay and also I don’t remember where I said that I found like a.