Aliexpress Trendy Beauty Hair – Final Review Trendy Beauty Hair| Brazilian Bodywave – Amazing Price

That’s respectful they know I got more by that next hey but we gotta give it after all right you guys hey what’s up its you’re grabbing a cold today I’m back at it again with another video on this listen I’m not playing like I’m nothing to play games with y’all a listen I’m back at it again with this.

Hair tutorial and listen I don’t not want to take this hair up like Ally sugar that’s fun let’s talk about it let’s talk about it.

Now but as you can see the title I am wearing at least sugar hair you guys let’s talk about.

How this sugar here I have a couple things to say good.

Great maybe some bad if you want to know to see on it and please keep on watching okay alright you guys so out of all of my wigs I wanted to have a sleek you know middle part all one length wig that’s that’s thin that’s not to take too full okay so if you know me y’all know I like to do the four bundles I like full hair life stuff like that so lately I’ve.

Just been my goal you doing too much kids get three bundles and get it over with so Ally sugar reached out to me and I went on their website and as I was going on their website I noticed something different um basically.

Okay so as far as my lengths what I have in right now is 326 inches straight and then a 20 inch closure I’m going on the website right now just to show you what I saw was different about.

Their packaging so as I’m going on your website right now I’m looking at it and I noticed that there the way they package their hair is different they use zip ties.

Instead of the little elastic wire or whatever so I noticed that I was you know.

Packaged nicely and I just really like that um they offer to work with it and I like like I said I already knew what I wanted I just oh my god so listen my friend Kaley made this wig and I asked her what she thought about it and she said that this hair feels.

So good like sis like I don’t think I’ve ever felt straight hair and be this soft before like I’m not even lying like after I get these realm of her views done for the next week or two I’m gonna do like my top top like this is probably one of the top I didn’t even bleach the knocks or anything I just finished it with some finished finished Wow I just finished it with.

Some face powder and I put concealer on the part not too much and this is what we’re doing I.

Don’t plan on doing a side part with.

This this is my middle part bad bitch wig like this is what this is this is not gonna be messed with this is not going half up half down it’s not going space buns this is not going side part it is staying inches okay now I wish this was a.

Little while I wish this was like thirty thirty fold so I could feel like know my girl Nikki but yeah so I mean I like this hair for the most part it came quick there’s.

Nothing else for me to say about it right there’s nothing else for me to say about it I love the way it’s laying flat right now shout out to my best friend for making this wig I mean helping me because I had so much hair to take care of and stuff so like I appreciate that and set out to you but listen go get you some Ally sugar hair like I don’t.

Even think I need to make a update video like now but that’s it yeah thank you guys so much for watching this video I will see you guys in the next one I love you so much and don’t forget to.

Like comment subscribe check out my other videos and yeah.

That’s already out okay you guys so I’ve been doing a lot of hair videos but I’m trying to put y’all on like I’m really trying to put y’all on like Harvey’s.

Name my hair see y’all gonna see this over and over and over y’all gonna see the process tell you I start tagging me and got pictures of your hair slaying like I taught you okay let me stop but right now but you are going to be pluck.

And pluck and pluck it this hair needs to be plucked down here looking a little too Barba dilation a little too too perfect constraint and that’s not how Jesus made my original headline if I gave me my hairline like that all my hairline anyways we are gonna get back into it we’re gonna pluck that pluck with my fingers my Haitian hands mums you.

Know by then after saw it’s tedious okay we do this is a tedious process again I’m gonna bring krill to my channel so you know you know bear with me with that but yeah.

So we just gonna pull out pull out.

Don’t want to pull from the first row of hair because that’s what’s gonna be your baby hair in due time so as you can see like my friend is two different colors could I take the makeup off to make sure that the makeup doesn’t make with my baby hair gel when I want to go do that so just excuse that.

Guy little got to be in my edges from my other wig listen yeah I’m not perfect like I don’t know what y’all are like okay but okay.

Didn’t bleach the knots so I’m gonna use my face powder eyes you’re gonna see it soon see I’m gonna probably sell.

This with you guys after I’m done doing my reviews for it if.

You’re interested in it make sure you dip DM me you guys.

I need serious enquiries only and remember that wigs by Abby Nicole Paige is not me it is not me attention it is not me so make.

Sure you are not purchasing anyways from them they don’t have any of my wigs because it’s not me so now I’m gonna be cutting off the lace.

And as you can see the hairline is already looking natural the.

Lace is already blending with the skin but we’re gonna make the nuts look a little bit more transparent by applying that base powder that so the closure happens a lot of flyaways as you can see and I need to flatten nice-looking like Humpty Dumpty’s that on my hair and we gotta like you know make it flat I’m cutting some of the flowers because I just don’t be wanting to deal with these like I just don’t that time you notice I.

Just kind of so now I’m using my curling iron and I’m going to use that to flatten and train the hair to go down and then you’re gonna see me going with my lotta body mousse which smells so good and works so good for the flyaways and it’s gonna set the hair.

Where it needs to be set you you you you so now going into the baby here’s we pulled what we need in the front and that we are going to I’m just praying.

The roots of the closure just so could stay down while I pull you know the baby yes so then we are going to cut them with a scissor or a razor whatever you want to use I like to like write it up and down the hair so it doesn’t just be choppy because nobody likes choppy look at baby hairs I mean I don’t so.

You just continue this process and pretty much after you’re done you can use your gossipy jaw use that sometimes in this case I think I’m gonna be using my mousse or whatever if not then it’s still cool and then I’m gonna tie my hair down take it out and that’s the finished product does it look so easy guys closures are easier than frontal so if you’re a first-time week where I definitely suggest the closure route way easier you.

Just get the same look yeah I think so much for watching I’ll see you guys in the next one love you you you you you as niggas is furious now I’m a detective a serious.