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If there’s any chance at rebuilding I mean so to the to the people who are watching who voted for Trump who see you they may see you as a maybe a disgruntled former Republican who didn’t get his way what do you say to them well I am a former Republican but that’s the last thing I wanted to be.

I mean as I described in my book their corrosion of conservatism I spent my.

Entire life as a Republican the first time I ever voted for a Democrat was Hillary Clinton in 2016 it was only because Donald Trump was so unacceptable to me and he has taken the Republican party so far.

From its roots is the kind of open expansive optimistic inclusive party that I knew as a young man in the 1980s.

I mean I I mentioned in the book the fact.

That in 1980 Ronald Reagan actually gave a speech in which he talked about making America great again a familiar slogan but when he was talking about that he was doing it in front of the Statue of Liberty celebrating the achievements of immigrants one is Donald Trump ever had.

Anything positive to say about immigrants he sees them exclusively as a font of terrorism and crime as a problem for our society ignoring the fact that we’re all immigrants including Donald.

Trump’s own grandparents this is a nation of immigrants and Donald Trump talks a lot about making America great but he shows no understanding of what true greatness is all about in this country which is our ability to take people from all over the world meld them.

Together in dedication to a common ideal and to make them into Americans there is nothing more unamerican than the way that Donald Trump is beating up on minorities and Outsiders in order to mobilize his white base that is not what any party in America should be doing it it’s tragic and and.

Horrifying to me that this is something that my old party the Republican Party is doing I wish Republicans would wake up and and and stop this I wish Republicans would say enough there are things that we will.

Not do to win elections this is going too far this is hurting America this is dividing Americans this is immoral this is unethical this is wrong but the only people I see saying that are people like me who are former Republicans and there are a lot of them there are a lot of former Republicans or people who are Republicans now and they they get beat up because people call them brine O’s you know or that there’s somehow.

Turning their backs on their party because they’re speaking up for the principles at their party once stood for Nicko give you the last word the you know I’m sure that to some viewers who are Republicans it feels unfair that Max RI are pounding on the party today and it feels awkward for me frankly but there have been times in our history when a party has gone so far astray or a movement has gone so far astray that you have to simply speak up and the first.

Round of the American first movement in 1940-41 I think is an example where a lot of well-meaning people won it didn’t want anything to do with any kind of.

New war in Europe or anywhere else they thought that Hitler was providing order in Germany they were sympathetic to a guy who got trains running on time and in retrospect that was a disaster that journalists and others had to blow the whistle on and I’m sure it seemed partisan then but you simply have to.

Speak truth about issues that seem really important it seems to me that this is in every way an echo of the American.

1st movement of that period when we have an American 1st movement today that is a nickel of that profound words to end on and I well I will only add that when we.

Look back in 10 years 20 years time or even longer if people will be happy with whatever side that they were on or their actions during this period thank you both we’ll be right back president Trump doubling down tonight on calling himself.

A nationalist and saying he’s proud to be one giving himself a new label that some see as a dog whistle as he roused up his base ahead.

Of the midterms I want to bring in now Nicholas Kristof and Max booth the author of the corrosion of.

Conservatism why I left the right good evening everyone thank you so much both gentlemen for joining us so Nick you heard the president today defending the his label as a nationalist telling Jim Acosta that he hadn’t heard the theory that is coded language for white nationalism and yet he admitted last night right when he said I probably shouldn’t use this word.

I’m not supposed to use that word doesn’t he show that he.

Knows that shows exactly that he knows exactly what the word is and there is some controversy behind it yeah I mean in general I think we should get president from some capacity to demonstrate obliviousness about words and so on but in this case the fact that.

He he already alluded to that earlier just to me that he he knew exactly where he was coming from and you know I I think of the great de Gaulle quote about nationalism versus patriotism.

You only need it for you yeah patriotism is when love of your own people comes first nationalism when hate for.

Your own comes first doesn’t that kind of capture it could all be Patriot head Patriots but those people who are going to ram coming across our border in this Caravan with the with the what do you say middle east serves in there you know you know it strikes me that throughout history there’s been this tension between the Statue of Liberty.

Ethos of you know give me your tired your poor your.

Huddled masses and the know-nothings and the Chinese Exclusion acts and I’m afraid that is exactly what is playing out now before this is these midterms max I know you want to weigh in on this but let me just just ask you this the.

President also admitting that there is no proof max of his unsupported claim that there are Middle Easterners among migrants your latest column here’s what you’re right he said you write about how this is his most shameless exercise in fear-mongering yeah go on max well it is just so incredibly irresponsible for the.

President of the United States to make these grave insinuations to accuse these poor helpless Central American migrants of being Middle East to Middle Eastern terrorists and then basically saying well I don’t need any proof it could be I mean I think as Nick himself said today on Twitter hey there bunny could be in.