What Does Tech And Treble Do?

Hi my name is Aidan and my name is Anthony were the founders of an initiative called tech and trouble as you may already know all of us are in a period of change called the fourth Industrial Revolution during this time there’s lots of opportunity with emerging technology and new skills to be acquired empowering the next generation of changemakers.

But with this change comes from risk the biggest of these risks.

To us is the social inequality that will result from some children being left behind at the same time despite the benefits that.

A music education provides many educators consider funding in schools to be a major problem as a young person if your parents cannot afford private lessons to fill the gap then lack of early exposure to music it’s just another missed opportunity that puts you at a disadvantage we.

Happen to think that both of these negative outcomes are unacceptable so we form taking trouble.

To tackle these two challenges that we care about its mission is aligned with our personal beliefs that science technology engineering math and music are essential parts to developing and well-rounded person.

We believe that all kids should have access to this knowledge regardless of their financial means that is why taking travel funds stem and music programs for children across Canada who can’t access them we’ve partnered with leading-edge Canadian organizations to help us deliver on our mission Tekin.

Trouble enables kids who wouldn’t usually have access to these programs to learn valuable skills for their future here’s how you can help go to the membership page and sign up as a member each month.

Musical content from us and other artists all funds raised will go to tech and trouble sponsored programs at our service delivery partners together we can contribute to building a future in which all young people.

Are included thanks so much for listening and we can’t wait to see you as a member.