Best Browsers (2018) Explained – Developer Options Explained 2018

You what’s going on guys – expert here and in today’s video I’m gonna explain to you the Google Chrome browser in my opinion the Chrome browser is one of the best browsers and now I’m gonna explain you why so first of all this head it has an easy to understand in the face here we can see the different.

Tabs and it also has some marks so you can easily pick your favorite sites and include them here furthermore we have an easy to understand at easy to understand settings and you.

Can store if you want to passwords see it all runs through Google so you can login with your account and synchronize your passwords and so on and if you also want with you can choose to include proxy if you click here and then scroll all the way down and somewhere here you will find proxy settings and can include a proxy so so that stands now through.

A very important part of the Chrome browser the settings and also you right-click click on the under and now you have opened this window this window is something very special you can choose to view the browser via.

Mobile or just a normal computer browser with the icons up here and if you choose to view via mobile you can choose different devices and if you choose a.

Different UI device the Crean resolution will get different you have to reload the page and now you can type something in and yeah you can view the browser via mobile which is an.

Anything to do also can mean it’s bigger so you can see boot now some a very important thing also is if you want to search for something specific on a page and there’s an easy way to do it you just push ctrl F.

This window will open and you.

Can search for something and all the things you search for will appear in yellow so it’s easy for you to find them okay and if you’re in programming you also can see the code here of everything besides size consists of and that’s very handy to have as well you have a console you can type some stuff in so also two sources.

And the network back to the code you can see everything and.

Click everything on and see it here in the code as well so that’s that now I’m gonna close this go back to and here we have the few google apps you can use very handy apps and they cover.

Almost everything you need so also can use this button and opening window so you don’t this browser doesn’t save what you do.

You’re on the browser basically so what do we have else downloads consume in you can’t read something for example you can print something out you can of.

The new window from here if you want and there are also extensions favorite for Google browser the web store and in the web store you can search for anything you like Emily’s goods are nice.

Goods and I recommend lot of other apps are good.

So now we’ll cover the Chrome browser and we can move on to Firefox so Firefox browsers.

Very simple as well similar to Chrome you have your taps you can also include some marks for your favorite sites as well do you have any recruited favorite sites again here your marks you chronic is your work very well downloads and.

Yeah and also at add-ons like aggro and you can also do the same thing with the mobile so you can choose this or choose a mobile device to.