Ldr American Indonesian – Thailand Travel Vlog Day 2

We are going to have a breakfast first and then we’re going to that River oh my god some right we’re going to the child Pryor River and then we’re going to Grand Palace or never going to this is all new to me ashiya take area and weren’t gonna watch the ladyboy show hotel this hotel like a heaven for.

Human food for the 81st floor and look at that there just started construction on those two can you imagine what those two buildings are gonna look like winter garden construction over here yeah oh by the way good morning changing plans I don’t know what are we going to do it’s really hot.

We woke up really late not really late but we have like spending time a lot at the hotel restaurant which is really good whoo I think we’re just gonna go chill not really in a rush just to having fun and I mean it’s a finish in.

A way I’m considering myself a weakling in this weather she’s weak she lives.

Look look how shining this window is and she complain from other night fellowships and ah yeah it’s the great weather for people like.

Need to take a nap funny should we just take Annette we ended up who ended up getting a taxi because there well they were very convincing well apparently Thailand is not the same like Singapore that had like a lot of MRT – every specific places that.

We want to and it is seriously packed up and being the mixers leaving me out of her vlog really really look like Japan I feel like it feels like home so weird mango.
Sticky rice mango sticky rice okay yeah so I I.

Took out my myself lenses because it’s irritating me throughout the day right now we are at the wat po temple well this part is like still redo it it and I already took a picture in a place that I really like which is colorful temples and Maiko is totally being at first and we.

Are going to see the remaining with that okay kids you know.

Hard to get him not getting distracted by anything no we’re just trying to absorb everything hi guys we got a new scenery for you on a boat bet you never seen one of those before I’m fine I’ve been here it’s a small tugboat dad used to get across I’ve been on a boat before it’s a tugboat to get across the river it’s like the hog but they got like Theresa target Beaumont yeah fresh takes the.

Our fun here and we are going to know you missed it you know now have you guys have ended.

Who has ever been have you ever been denote we’re at top of the world we’re time we’re on the top of here yeah if it was going a lot faster no thank you I don’t.