Just A Travel Vlog

– hi gosh yeah so guys it’s Coffee time oh my god people are staring at us so we got a cup you’re killing Turtles girl that come come on yeah now we’re not sitting together which sucks it sucks a lot because she’s sitting like when the plane is crashing she’s gonna crash my straight away and I can see.

Her dive was warm I want to die with her so we have to sit together so I have to convince another person to sit on my place so we exactly I don’t know not so much ah cousin.

My mouth this is just disgusting so guys you won’t believe it but now the pooping story is.

Real it should help the toilet is happened tonight the first thing was me now was for me to romp it’s super funny there crashes near Somalia and we look so ugly which means we have to hide it was fine I was feeling and I but then I saw that there was a.

Thing happens loading running away your name with a little compartment to the key I got a computer Ethiopian for disposition estimate of my lord gracias contravention the captain has.

Turned on a bad note blank Ramos carefully enclose the security to two official regulations yes breathe thank you for your attention right now that even children.

Medicine better cut strike when I get nominated as run anymore Gandhari oh oh my god you know Canada yeah me to go for my Taiwan like these regulations report.

Is not allowed so she’s hiding because we both look like and currently is the next morning I forgot to film because we arrived and then everything were like super.

Stressful and now in the hotel and yeah so that’s it for the traveling vlog I hope you enjoyed it peace out bye.