Philippines Travel Vlog (part Two)

And originally we’re supposed to go to Boracay but we never ended up being able to go because I guess they closed down the island we ended up going to f—– alone instead which I’m happy about because it was really really nice so since we had to rebook everything we had to drive to an airport that was three hours.

Away from Manila and then fly from there to Palau on right yeah yeah so once we finally got to.

Go there I mean I obviously was scared of.

The plane my thing the thing that really calmed me down was seeing how beautiful it was like from looking at the window yeah I’ve never experienced that before I’ve never been to something like so beautiful I have where imagine.

It was extremely hot like even for the Philippines it was really hot you’ve been walking from the plane to the inside of the airport they have to give us umbrellas so we would have burned happy you’re to distract about how happy yeah cuz I never I.

This is one of the places that I’ve always wanted to go to you know from the airport we had a shuttle pick us up to take us to the resort that we were staying at I think we spent an hour just getting to the main town and then from there we had another shuttle pick us up to take us to the loading station okay so.

But trey is scared of boats and I learned that during this trip I’m scared of drowning we’ve only discovered five percent of the ocean that means 95 you don’t know what’s in there I know could be a.

Dinosaur something in there but if you were to go like dive deep into the ocean and you just see you on your you just see like this big imprinted face and it’s me like that grabber is this one clip that I saw I don’t even know what you were saying cuz the audio got messed up.

But I knew you were saying something like you were scared it look my scared look I don’t get scared of things a lot what are you scared it’s like it’s not funny but it was like you’ll just be like I’m talking to myself like a little guys if you’re gonna fight somebody like me you’re gonna fight the water yeah me being super.

Excited I mean obviously I tried to be there for him just like he was there for me on the plane feels like I could swim I mean I totally.

Understand why if that was scary though cuz looking back at the clips and stuff at some point the water was just.

Like dark and scared they said when the water is like blue and light it’s like not deep but when it’s like that dark blue color the scary part though was just the fact that it was like a thirty minute boat ride and that’s a long time I’ve never been so quiet for so long I know this little daredevil ass goes like.
Standing because you’re supposed to be seated they give you.

Seats to sit down but she’s like no I’m gonna sit at like the front of the boat and I’m gonna sit on the ground cuz I don’t care it’s like take a picture I’m just like nah you gonna fall off do it again it feels more like like like a like a.

Yah yah yah yah yah that’s sure like this was a pretty small boat so we ended up finally getting to the resort and.
Once we got there it was just so.

We can beautiful there’s honestly no other words to explain it like I have never seen water that clear before and you’ve been to Hawaii oh okay Hawaii it’s just a different thing this is like my place like this is where I’m from like I’m Filipino and it’s like.

I’ve always wanted to go to Palau on and maracas and all of these different islands because that’s.

Like my culture did your research like you researched Island up and down yeah they’re a whole month before we left I would just constantly be researching this place and to just finally be there and see it.

All the things that I would see in the videos and the pictures I’m like oh my gosh.

And I was also thankful and blessed to be there the resort was very nice it had like these little hammocks that you can sit in right by the beach it was very secluded – it was very like by its secluded it was.

Just very very peaceful though our rooms are like these little huts like right when you walk out like your first glance at like whatever.

It is is the beach and it’s like the nicest thing Benny was just great just imagine wake up the first thing you’re doing you outside is just the beach yeah I think the first day we just what did we do oh the first day the oh yeah what is it called the kayaking okay the first day we just spent you know enjoying the.

Beach relaxing and the resort offers this snorkeling thing so about I don’t know how many feet in but it was really far there’s this floating house and you go there by using a little kayak that you have to roll yourself I was like yeah let’s go never.

Been snorkeling before you start going I don’t know why.

The wind started to pick up right when we land but it did you know like.

He said he has a fear of deep water after this experience I feel like maybe I do too okay say the floating house.

We were like right here and then slowly we’d be going this way the ocean I said about like the dark parts of the water at the deepest part so this whole time we were floating over the light parts which aren’t deep they’re shallow you can see the ground there’s like four.

Turning see you start to move and we start touching that dark part and in my head I was like this.

Is it but her she’s calm she’s collected which.

I commend you for your very brave person well you’re like that on the plains I freaked out on the plains and then you.

Freaked out on both so we started going and towards the deep blue water.

Part and we have footage of this by the way so I’m like I just start panicking we’re at the part or deep we’re deep and.

Her she still calms like it’ll be fine.

Just from just fro we’ll be okay she was trying to be as calm as possible Oh internally freaking out yeah which I get cuz like if one person freaks out and another person freaks I may be better but I was still freaking out.

At one point I think I started to freak out – oh yeah so I had to go pro with us.

And I left it down because I wanted to get like you know dude to do do like cute little my god his brother-in-law was also on another boat I guess they ended up thinking we just we look off.

And we see the boat just slowly start to go down like their bodies are sinking yeah yeah we were like I.