Mumbai, India Vlog || Gap Year Travels X Mei-ying Chow

This is the road that we have to cross on a daily basis Mumbai our first stop in India the place where phones were smashed not stolen and it was certainly the biggest culture shock out of all the places that we went to we spent five days here and we failed at the first hurdle we ended up only making.

It to the hostel because the flight attendant that was on our plane from London Heathrow saw us lost and runnable looking at the dodgy taxis at the airport she County booked her standing there and.

We stopped her for basically saving our lives today one we were scared out of our wits so we basically stayed indoors playing cards for the first few hours and making friends with people in the box below we couldn’t cross the road and we sweated a lot.

What but we didn’t want to waste our.

First day there so we’ve got our first.

Ever tuk-tuk into the nearby shopping district where we could pick up a SIM card for my phone that was a lot of stress it was getting quite late and we were ready for our first dinner in Mumbai we thought we were getting a proper four pound meal bargain which turned out to almost be a fine-dining equivalent but it was delicious nonetheless day two one go.

To banana for a good one it’s super hot and as well as that flight attendant our second saving grace of Mumbai was ragab who is basically a tour guide and someone who lived at our hostel who gave us a tour around Mumbai we got a lot of chai tea.

For example China Gauri which is super creamy because it’s made from the milk of a cow early in the morning we’ve got there sugar cane drink which is their speciality but tastes.

Like the Indian version of the Harry Potter butter beer we went to the oldest incense shop in Mumbai just smell like an orchard yeah it basically took us to all the famous landmarks in Mumbai the reason it was built is because if.

You go through the city it takes you three and a half hours but if you go why are this it takes you seven and a half minutes to get to the roundelay including the flower market which is really lovely we finished the evening with potentially the best meal we had in Mumbai at Goku bite and then.

We had ice cream afterwards because in India it feels like ice cream time is anytime of the day day three we’re wearing our fresh clothes from yesterday’s market where.

We’ve got four outfits for 15 pounds we also then got the metro alone and we visited the can hairy caves sadly this was where the phone was smashed but luckily it wasn’t taken by rabies monkeys so silver linings so we have entered into the National Park your so.

Much it was 53 rupees each which is the.

Equivalent of 50 P n tree and then I think monkey rabies okay we’ve.

Decided to walk rather than to take the bus up because it’s a lot cheaper they’ll gonna charge us the equivalent of 10 pounds we said no we walk 10 minutes and they give it to us for 40 P each I’m.
Very glad we took the sharing cab because we now have a lot of stairs the.

Caves are in the middle of a forest so they have 209 caves here these caves are over.

2,000 years old d4 hi guys its day it’s our last full day in Mumbai we.

Tend to make up quite late here because breakfast is quite late it’s from 9:00 to and thirsty every morning.