Istanbul Travel Vlog Part 1 | Taibatalks |

I’m excited we’re just waiting here at terminal 5 yeah we’re just waiting for our flight we’re just sitting here people watching having fun guys I look so bad but guys my pictures are gonna be on fleek I’m so ready for this I’m on so I’m going with my mom and my brother so this will be interesting to see.

But I’ll definitely vlog some of it I don’t want to block all of it because because I want to enjoy my holiday I don’t know how people blog like every.

Little detail of that holiday like anything I’ll catch you guys later my Istanbul I’m ready please a my bunny about sides of you use but no everything it’s taking forever it’s Hector 12:15 a. and I’m so tired and look at this taxi like traffic guys can you see like not live in life-size the guy’s been made into a taxi in its 12.

And they’re very tired by an assistant sister we’re like the qur.

So guys create a plan and also on bond we had to.

Buy like a visa because apparently British passport people need a visa which was 20 pounds but yeah now we’re going to our job I’ll show you guys my hometown what our hotel but as for Turkey this is all that I could show you guys right now the airport and my brother buddy I’ll catch you in a bit guys it’s very very nice why don’t we go radar may dusty wait we made.

So yeah I’ll show you the rooftop as well and there is a hammam here which I really wanted to go to and it was like central actually I just.

Saw the haggis affair I think it was the Blue Mosque I’m not sure but I have two in the morning guys this is so exciting I’m so excited lip 10 for any of you guys don’t know is the best team better than PG better than Charlie and as my mom’s tea is well cafe this is a hotel room hello friends oh it’s actually quite.

Nice here you know this is the boss this is the mirror little wardrobe tea I think that’s alcohol we.

Don’t need that smell my brother his little bad guys look at this feature I love this it just closes and opens amazing this is my mum’s and my bad little drawing perfect Judy did you do why is the height writer named Regin see sweets so it’s legit no friends it is day one of its tumble I’m feeling pretty good and I hotel room pain yeah I do 47 subscribers yeah okay but.

Welcome I’ll catch you in a bed guys why is the lighting not good and oh yeah this lift is very small make sound body cuz I know guys look look at this left please I think they’re trying to go for the extravagant um deco but it’s not happening my ability I feel like I’m in Pakistan / Spain.

Guys we’re just walking towards the mosque Oh guys look how cute these houses are oh my god how cute may either Fortuna karma quit now it’s very very big.

My battery is on 40% but it looks amazing half of these monuments I don’t really know what they are so I have to google it picture break oh yeah and my barbecue stand like you staring at me I’m kind of look but yeah I can’t wait to go inside and show you.

But on this trip I feel like I don’t want to vlog too much it’s just gonna ruin my holiday a holiday is there to relax not to be worried about vlogging all the time.

But say hi I love family so they’re just looking but it looks good these people with their like Louis cameras and there’s me with my tripod guys this is the.