Breaking News – Luxurious Lifestyle Of Otunba Cash Arrested In Turkey For $1.4 Million Scam (photos)

Nigerian big boy Emanuel Odin Vikash anak who is also the CEO of instant ball entertainment in Nigeria was recently arrested alongside his gang member so Pakula double AOE muddy at fagioli info below gun in Turkey for 1.4 million dollar scam in Denmark they are all accused of hacking international companies emails learning about their business partners and then using.

Duplicate websites to fraud them according to a police source the Danish.

Police warned their Turkish counterparts through Interpol back in May that a Denmark based Turkish company’s email system was breached in more than 1.4 million dollars as well as fake invoices were sent to a front company in Turkey it was gathered that the company paid money into some accounts in Turkey and an.

Investigation by Turkish cybercrime Department led to the arrest of Odin buck ash and his gang members including.

The Turkish head znm whose companies were used as fonts during police raid at their luxury hotel they confiscated 17 mobile phones 15 SIM cards three flash memory four computers one memory card eighty five thousand dollars five thousand euros five necklaces three bracelets two handcuffs two rings one earring Rolex watch numerous crime.

Documents and a luxury car from the Nigerian fraudster below our photos of the luxurious lifestyle of Odin Bou cash.

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