Bds Lifestyle Reset: Day 293 – World Series Pregame Cardio

All right here we go Big Daddy Shan gay 293 at 24 hour fitness so I need to get the exercise and before I go to game five at the World Series instead of after because yes I am going to the game is guaranteed now I have my ticket yes and I have my battery charger yes but the battery.

Charger kind of sucks it’s horrible it’s like it’s like defective product I’m gonna do a video on how bad this battery but yeah.

In and then we’ll figure things out awesome yeah so it’s 11:30 and then they open the park like a.

And then so yeah I figured if I’m going to go okay how you doing all right Maria yes awesome today’s my day 293 that come here every.

Day how are you hold on oh that’s crazy I didn’t see Maria for like twelve years so I’m like gosh you know think about like the eight full age singer like she was one of my students a long time ago so I don’t know anyways I talked to her for.

A while so I got it go spike start yeah alright I’m back my friend 275 oh shoot what I did there you go spoil alert right to seven all right three two one so yeah you know running into old people at the gym it’s awesome so today I haven’t forgot what the.
First part of the video is about I just nihlus like now.

It’s twelve I was talking her for awhile and she’s gonna start working out like here so the irony is she works out around the same times that I do so I can’t we want to do some videos or something I.

Told my ability that’s class on Mondays and stuff Oh we’ll see but all I know is yes I gotta go to faster pace.
Today hopefully I do some fifty.

Ten miles and get on out of here so they let you in the stadium two and a half hours for game time so today it’s a 5:15 so at 3:15 2:45 right and then today I’m gonna try and go on the go to Union Station and then take the Dodger Express so.

You paid eight dollars for parking there and then you show them your ticket and then you get a ten minute ride to the park right all right it goes.

Every 10 minutes I have no idea how it goes and then that drops you off like in center field or behind home plate great and then after the game it takes you back from there.

To your car okay now normally I’m so used to like just going to the stadium in cars but you know during the during the air it’s like ten bucks yeah chantix you don’t have to go under this but.

Then if you get unlucky and get a bad spot then you’re in the parking lot for like a very long time so I heard that if you do this shuttle Dodger Express then it’s really easy but we’ll see it’s that’s more video today I’m gonna eat as much.

As I can before I go to the park because I do not want to buy a ton of crazy stuff so yes my Australian friends Mike you’re watching I know how much food I meant even over there you can watch me at Taco Bell but then again are you not going to.

Get fast food because I told you yesterday I am going to you know just bounce stuff out.

But I will buy a drink over at the game I need something I’m trying to be there.

For four hours so it’s not it.

So today I just want to get through this because I have to yes I don’t have to but I have to you and then I don’t know any crazy week one of.

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