Day 2 Fasting Focused Lifestyle

Hi day two of my water fast and I’ve had hiccups this is the third time I’ve had hiccups today and I hurt so bad okay they’re mildly uncomfortable but annoying anyways I looked it up and apparently people some people who fast get the hiccups which I fasted plenty before I never had this issue but yeah yesterday this is.
Fun yesterday I accidentally did a soft dry fast it wasn’t my.

Intention I just I don’t know I was tired and we were doing things all around.

The property I just did it stop take the time to make snake juice and drink it so I just did it drink anything until this morning so I don’t know if that’s affecting it – you actually felt like crap this morning I think because doing a dry fast on accident but hey great I didn’t it’s 20 ball more than 24 hours all right maybe like.

30 hour dry pad so that’s cool without even trying but I’m definitely drinking today snake juice I don’t know I’m not supposed to you but.

Evident herbal tea this morning and I haven’t given herbal tea this afternoon because I’m driving and and good conditions I tend to get very sleepy while driving how I’ve been feeling this morning in this afternoon yeah I really need to make sure that that I don’t fall asleep and die or kill.
Somebody I also have because eating has become a thing.

For me that I use like a tool I use to keep myself awake so well I Drive so I’m not having that kind of makes me nervous so I did get this little guy from Starbucks just in case if I start to fall asleep then I’ll eat it and.
I got this because it’s just one of the.

Few options available to me and I know that like it’s an hour drive home and if I were to fall asleep I’d have to stop at a gas station and a Burger King or something like that and I might not make the best choice so to.

Protect myself 1 for falling asleep and 2 from breaking my fast with something really shitty I got that and it’s I know it’s not zero carbs oh it is zero carbs hey it’s zero carbs so even though I would be.

Breaking my fast I would be doing it um my tea just felt I would be breaking it um within my plan for breaking the fast not on the time line that I wanted but you know still zero carb which is important and definitely under 500 a food it doesn’t have a weight on the side this is a riveting video I’m making here today okay so it’s it’s 62 grams like total of food and zero.

Grams of carbs so that’s all out but yeah I feel like crap today um today was an admin heavy day at work and so I was sitting in this chair it’s a.

Nice comfy chair but my sciatic was killing me I was falling asleep at the desk it was rough mondays are always like this so if I end up you know getting to a I like 1 mil a week kind of situation or 2 meals a week whatever I end up doing for the long term I’ll definitely position my meals like.
On Sunday night maybe me Monday.

I still didn’t finish all I’m I won’t work and I’m gonna have to go in early tomorrow she finished that’s it yeah so that’s my update not quite 48 hours in probably like 45 hours and right now and other than my emergency snack box switch those are good for a while so I’ll just stick it.
In the fridge in my careful.

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