#grwm | 2 Looks 1 Palette | Beauty Treats Delux Pro Palette

McFaul but yes yes I am bad come on now you don’t want to miss this one what’s up beautiful people welcome back to my channel thank you so much for tuning in I really do appreciate your time and I hope that you guys know that by now um it has been a hot minute I know I apologize to.

Be honest with you guys I have no major or specific reason or excuse as to why I haven’t been uploading I guess I’ve.

Just kinda took over and I allowed it to but I’m back now and I decided that in.

Celebration of my first 100 subscribers I know I know I know it is not a big deal to some if not all of you guys but it brings me so much joy knowing that some of you guys are actually interested in some of the things that I’m uploading.
On this channel so thank you so much for clicking onto that.

Subscribe button I highly appreciate it and I hope that I’ll not disappoint you at all I really hope I won’t disappoint you but just leave a little bit of room for disappointment because you know this life guys hey but you know.

What I’m gonna try my level best to satisfy your every need that’s a lie but yeah I want to try.

You know to be consistent and to feed your craving whatever that might be so today’s videos you guys can already tell by the.

Creating three different types of looks using one eyeshadow palette which in my opinion is of great quality and of course super affordable I’m.

Awful affordable stuff because I ain’t got the kind of money mom so if you like me I was just kind of boiling on a budget then this is definitely gonna be what you need to get your hands on so I’m gonna be using this palette over here which is the beauty cheats Deluxe.

Pro palette first things first Packaging I mean hello hello packaging is everything.

These days I mean when you have this palette with you you instantly start feeling like a beauty guru of some sorts and all that stuff like you a pro right because this just looks so good.
Next to you as it does when you have it on.

Your eyes trust me let me show you what you’re gonna be working with firstly when you.

Open it up the top tray has.

Two bronzes as well as four blushes let me just remove this.

Two are the bronzes this would definitely work more on a face skin and this definitely on dog skin I love using this because I believe it has that brown sugar type of glow if you know what I mean and then you have your blushes which I like using this one more than all of them because it’s more of a burnt orange type of shade that kind of works on my skin you know.

I want to get like that flushed like skin I definitely go for this one and then the bottom tray has 28 eyes shadows and these are a mixture of mattes and shimmers you have the bold and the beautiful all on one palette one thing I need.

To let you guys know is that whenever you decide to purchase a palette especially if you’re still learning how to blend I share those and everything always go for.

A palette that has bold colors because once you master blending out bold colors I promise you you are instantly a makeup artist you know how it is so I’ve been trying and learning and practicing how to blend out my eyeshadows and I’ve realized that using bold colors allows me to see where I need to start focusing on.

When it comes to blending and how to avoid certain issues you know that might arise.

When I decide to play around with those colorful shave or these bold strong type of shades I mean look at these shades you wouldn’t just go for these shades on on a normal day right but I want to try to use some of these in order for me to create certain looks so that.

You guys can see that I’ve been practicing and.

Yeah but I’ve been doing pretty well I’m baboon I’m pretty proud of myself so this just kind of get straight into the video instead of me talking and mumbling and all of that stuff it’s getting a bit crazy all right so I’m gonna bring you guys a little bit.

Closer mm-hmm please do not dispute in eyes my face just focus on the eyes focus on the eyes okay okay so first as friends I’m gonna prep the eyelids using the la girl.

Pro conceal concealer in the shade creamy beige it is a super super light shade all right so once you’ve done prep in your eyelids and.

You look extra extra weird like some alien from somewhere that’s when.

You start with your transition shade.

And for my transition shade I am going to be using this shade over here next I’m going to take this shade over here and use this way my gorilla so I hit the shade over here and I’m going to talk.

In the crease okay so using the same concealer that I used as my eyeshadow base I’m going to cut the crease in like sunset type of circle it’s not like a half circle but something like that all right I’m just gonna show you what I did on.

This side on this eye so kind of.

Concentrate because I just kind of weird little use that I just kind of wouldn’t it so I’m gonna try to imitate what I did on this eye on to this eye you.

Now I’m going to take this shade over here and sit the concealer with it alright so obviously.

This semi thick it is a bit too big compared to this side now I’m just going to try to minimize this silver part using of that dark shadow okay using my essence all eyes on me were to prove multi effect mascara I’m going to coat my eyelashes next I’m gonna go in with this essence super last eyeliner my eyeliner is looking crusty crusty I tell you what is horites will fix it I don’t know how but we’ll.

Come up with him alright so.

I’m just gonna pop on some eyelashes you know what this eyeliner is oh it’s pissing me off it’s too thick it’s it’s okay we’ll fix it alright so I’m gonna be popping on these eyelashes today done I think I can see it yeah.

Yeah these are the unless I’m gonna be popping on you today so we’re not done yet what I’m.

Gonna do now is go in with this shade that I used for the Centers of my eyes and I’m gonna use that as my highlight for the inner.

Corners as well as dragging it a little bit down right next to the lower lashes okay once that’s done I’m gonna take the mascara and then apply that to the lower lashes okay so this is the first look that I came up with right now and I don’t know I.

Think it’s a bit okay I struggled a little bit with it because the halo didn’t come out the way out actually wanted it to come up but I had to end up improvising.

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