Moza | Mini-mi 3-axis Smartphone Gimbal

The era of the smartphone video has begun today smartphones help us share not just the everyday moments but also allow us to capture those exceptional bursts of life f 1.8 aperture 4k resolution 240 FPS every new generation of smartphone is endowed with more powerful cameras featuring higher resolution and multiple lens now there is an intelligent gimbal to go.

With that fancy smartphone introducing the mozo mini mean the Moza mini-me is a.

Smartphone gimbal packed full of filmmaking features such as space tracking and wireless.

Charging the Mo’s a mini-me can support the majority of smart phones such as the iPhone 10 on the samsung galaxy the Moza minimis wireless charging makes it easy.

To film all day long and still have enough battery to upload share those videos the most of minimis intelligent handle allows quick control over camera.

And gimbal functions camera like wheel and button layout place intuitive controls within a thumbs reach so you can focus on capturing those joyful family memories the mozar mini-me has OneTouch quick launch multiple filming modes such as inception mode.

With the help of the Mo’s a mini-me camera movement and subject focus are under your control the Mo’s a mini me is not your average.

Smartphone gimbal open its app and it becomes an intelligent gimbal when used with the Moser Genie app for ios and android amazing action can be captured and perfected by using the most agendas on-screen controls to lock focus an aperture the Mo’s a genie F can also capture a hyper lapses.

Or be set up for an extended motion time lapse if you are keen on smartphone filmmaking or just starting out with your first video stream the Moe’s a mini me is the perfect match for your smartphone you.

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