Clothing Haul + Try On | Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Old Navy & Payless

Hey everyone it’s sarah jane with she doesn’t cheat welcome to my channel so today i am back with another clothing haul and basically just picked up a bunch of items from a lot of different stores and i thought i would share those items with you now everything that i’m going to show it did cost me twenty five dollars.

Or less if you are interested in any of my tips and tricks for saving some money while shopping online i will be writing up a little something and putting it in the description box below i feel like some people may already know these things so i.

Didn’t want to waste anyone’s time but it is there in case you would like to check it out let’s go ahead and get to this haul okay so i thought i would start this haul with the things.

That i purchased from charlotte russe charlotte russe is one of my favorite places to shop for affordable clothing online because they are almost always having a sale and then i can almost always find a promo code to use on top of the sale you can get.

Things for so cheap the first item that I picked up from there made me so excited it’s this faux suede faux fur moto jacket it is beautiful you guys I picked this up for $25 yes $25 I thought that was such a great value I did get it in a size medium it’s definitely a true to size in my opinion it’s got the faux fur on.

The inside it’s got the faux fur color I just think this is such a cool and trendy jacket and I cannot wait to wear it next I picked up.

This skirt I just thought it was so pretty it’s got the button down front and it is made out of a faux suede material it’s.

Kind of a pinky blush color which is such a big trend right now and I.

Picked this up for only $15 I did get a size medium and I.

Do feel like it runs a little large but that is okay with me because it allows me to tuck in my shirt to at my.

Skirt or you know wear a body suit something like that gives you a.

Little extra room but if you are in between sizes I would definitely suggest sizing down in this but I just thought it was so nice and I love the.

Retro look to it so Charlotte Russe has an awesome selection of cheap shoes and when I saw this next pair I knew I had to have them they are these amazing green combat boots they are also a faux suede material they’ve got the Sherpa lining on.

The top and then also all along the inside they are so comfortable I said get these for $20 I did get them in.

A size 9 that is my typical size for boots so I.

Just thought these were so amazed and for $20 I just could not pass them up this next item definitely gives me a 90s vibes it’s this jean jacket I.

Thought it was so neat looking though it’s got the sweater or like sweatshirt like material for the sleeves and the hood which is removable and then.
It’s got a really thick denim shell so it’s really good quality and I did.

Get a size medium I got this for $20 it does run large in my opinion.

Could definitely size down in this and I kind of wish I did but I definitely love it and I think for 20 dollars it’s a really good value so.

The last items that I picked up from Charlotte Russe are all denim jeans I just really loved their Refuge brands and they were also having a huge sale on their jeans so I picked them up for about fourteen dollars apiece starting with these beautiful.

Distressed jeans I just think they are so nice and everything is done well on them from the whiskering to.

Also have the three button top and I get these in a size 8 I’m basically a 28 to 29 inch waist these just spent really well.

My tip for these is to size down because they do stretch out when you first start.

To wear them but then never put them in the dryer because they will definitely shrink so that is my tip for these but they are super nice and yes the.

Cheaper your clothes the higher maintenance they will be and hanging it close to dry is not fun but it’ll definitely be.

Worth it because you will love these jeans.

And you will keep them for a long time if you take care of them I also picked up this basic pair of jeans kind of in the style from before but there’s nothing special about these they don’t have any distressing or holes or anything like that just a good pair of go-to jeans and I did get these in a size 8 as well and finally the last pair of jeans that I’m going to share with you are a.

Similar style but they are black and they’ve got the three button closure as well but these buttons are very camouflaged they are the same color black as the pants which I love they’re high-waisted they’re skinny and they were also $14 and I did also get them in a size 8 so I did go ahead and get a few items from forever 21 starting with this sweatshirt I am in love with anything that is sporty or you.

Know kind of looks like a jersey actually that’s really fun I work in sports and I was an athlete my entire life so I am just attracted to stuff like this this is so me I got this in a size medium it was $20 and I love the lines down the sleeves I love the number in the front it’s so.

Soft and it’s kind of cropped but I do like that look because it makes it look a little bit more fashionable and on-trend but just love.

This sweatshirt so much and I’m going to wear it over and over again the next item that I picked up from pervert 21 was this overall dress I just thought it was a really pretty green color it’s made of a really nice denim material very soft but thick.

I did get this in a size medium but the only problem I have with it is how short it is I’m about 5 foot 8 inches tall and this is just extremely short on me so I am NOT.

Going to be able to just wear this in some boots I’m going to have to do some leggings or some stockings with it so that’s my only issue with it but for $22.90 I had to pick this up so cute and just really nicely made the last item that I picked up from forever 21 was this bodysuit.

It is this pretty wine burgundy color which I love for fall and winter right now and I did get this in a size large I do get my body suits in a bigger size because I’m a little bit taller and that is the way I can get them to fit but I thought this fit so nicely and definitely.

Wasn’t uncomfortable it’s made of a really soft material and I picked this up for $9.90 I did get one item from Target this white and black.

Striped top it is a very soft material very stretchy so I did get a size small I feel like these run a little large because they are so stretchy but stripes.

Are so in right now so I was really excited to see this at Target and it was only $10 so I had to scoop it up moving on now to the stuff that I picked up from Old Navy starting with these long-sleeve crewneck tees I got one in a white a gray and a black they were eight dollars apiece and I did get.

Them in a size small because I do feel like they run a little large however I do not ever put these in the dryer because they will shrink on you just air dry them and they will last so much longer but for eight dollars for shirts that I will wear over and over again I just thought this was a really great value so if you’ve been with my channel for a while you.

Know that anything glittery I’m just automatically attracted to and when I saw these shoes I knew I just had to have them look at them you guys they are so sparkly and.

Fun they were $20 at Old Navy and I did get a size eight because I feel like they run a little large I.

Love that the shoelaces matched the glitter they are so comfortable so fun they would dress up any casual outfit and you could wear them all day and just be super comfortable at least I find them super super comfortable had to get them so pretty and I wish they had other glitter ones because I.

Would have picked them up but these were the only glitter pair that I saw in the store they also have.

Like your basic colors as well like green and white and like a navy color and stuff like that but I love these so much and so happy to find them so I wasn’t sure if I was going to even share this next pair of shoes that I got an old navy because they kill my ankles they just kill my ankles but I thought I would go ahead and share them I thought they.

Were so pretty they are stain resistant and water repellent as.

Well at least that’s what the tag said I have not tested them out I’ve just worn them around my house a little bit and they kill my ankles like so bad if anybody has any tips on how to prevent ankle booties from rubbing your ankles please let me know these definitely reminds me of like the shoes from the Firenze episode where Monica has the boots that she just loved so much but they hurt her feet so badly.

And that’s definitely these for me I just can’t even wear.

Them for longer than like three minutes without them just like tearing into my ankles maybe I just have really bony ankles I don’t know but I got these in a size 9 and they fit really well they just rub pretty badly and I did pay $24.99 for these after my coupon but.

I just thought they were beautiful and I’m just so sad that they hurt.

So badly so if anybody has any tips on how to prevent these guys from rubbing my ankles please let a girl know all right guys we are down to the final three items of this haul.

And they are all shoes and they are all from Payless now I feel like a lot of people forget about pay less but they are doing such a good job right now and they almost always have a coupon.

That you can use online or in-store and when I was in.

A store a couple of weeks ago they were doing a little promotion that if you bought three pair of shoes you could get a 30% discount off.

Of your entire order so went ahead and.

Picked up three pairs of shoes so.

Starting with these beautiful wedge sneakers they are so comfortable they were about 24 25 dollars after my discount I did get them in a size 9 and I could wear these all day one thing I will say is that they are a Steve Madden knockoff Steve Madden has a version of these that are 89 99 so I thought this was a steal of a deal and they look so great and again it’s so so comfortable I could wear these all day and I just love them.

So the other two shoes that I picked up from Payless are the same style but different colors I got these slip-on shoes with the faux fur lining in gray.

The gray are my favorite because the furs a little bit more prominent on them but they are just beautiful shoes very very casual which I like and then they have the cushion insoles which adds to their comfortableness if that is a word but yes pay less is doing such a good job right now I definitely recommend going by their store or.

Looking at them online if you can know this video is not sponsored I’m just really into painless shoes right now no shame but yes love these shoes alright guys well that’ll do it for this clothing haul I had so much fun sharing these shoes and clothing items with you and just a reminder if you would like to check it out I did include some tips and tricks on how to shop for Less in stores and online in the description box.

Below thank you again so much for watching this video and until my next one I’ll see you then.