Demo: Bluescape Plugin For Adobe Xd

Welcome to Adobe MAX I’m here with Julie from blue scape we are at the third-party integrations booth where adobe has selected our best and brightest integration partners that we want to show off and Julie is gonna walk us today through the XD blue scape integration yeah awesome thanks okay great so at blue scape you know and on the.

UX team we do things the way we do things in our processes we like to kind of create our mock-ups and put them into blue scape for the whole team to review all of the stakeholders all the other designers and things like that so we hold meetings with these kind.

Of canvases with the wireframes uploaded and the cool thing about that is our teammates can actually go in and comment on individual screens right so here I have a team that.

Says you know this particular login screen does not have the forgotten password below right so actually as a designer I can go back in text II open up the plugin and see as soon as so all of the canvases will.

Populate into this plug-in right all the campuses have reflectively escaped so going into.

That – mock-up screen I can actually see all of the different screens that were uploaded in that previous canvas so once I find that particular image right and then I can see that one of my teammates had commented did we not want to forgot password here right and then some from there and be like okay.

Well yeah I forgot about that sorry and then I can actually go in kind of add in my forgot password real quick right this password and from there just.
Go ahead and upload it back into blue escape right so I can go ahead and.

Artboard right artboard and go back into my booth a plugin choose the canvas that i want so in this case it would be that HiFi mark up yeah that’s right so I can.

There’s a button here that says upload that swatch and a service so I can go ahead and do that and it’ll say that the upload is successful from there I can go back into blue escape and then I will be.

Able to find that the high-flying lock-up had been hopefully drop in yes let’s see it wouldn’t be a real live demo if there wasn’t yeah kinks to work out for sure so you’re kind of.

Toggling actually between two rolls then right so you’re kind of project manager here tracking the progress and then if you were a designer I think is super cool about.

Your integration is you actually wouldn’t have to leave XD you’d be you’d be.

Getting the comments and XD you can respond to them the next day so it really allows.

For a much more streamlined workflow absolutely right ok now yes so exactly so then I could always you know just as as a p. to me that blue escape I can always trust that I will always be seeing the most.
Updated versions of my designs you’re on who escaped right or on.

The collaborative platform so it’s it’s a really cool tuna tool to use it’s something that I use with my with.
My team they’re all in that Cooper so like.

I’m the only one here so it’s nice to just have that that kind of like share a chance to you absolutely yeah mm-hmm totally yeah yep and that’s it.

Awesome mm-hm thank you and again I much.