How To Bleach Hair Golden Blonde / Light Brown Ft Isee Hair. Aliexpress Hair Deep Curly

And I was I wasn’t really sure of like the color was gonna come out so I kept the beach for like five minutes and I washed it off immediately just because I was really unsure this was my first time reaching a week and I was really unsure of the color that was gonna come out so I wash the hair after around five minutes as soon.

As I was done bleaching the hair I did put bleach on the closure but one thing that I found with reaching for closure the closure nots didn’t really turn.

That’s why you see me checking the closure and I did bleach the hair twice once in this clip and another time later on as you guys can see I’m also going in with the neutralizing shampoo just to stop.

The bleaching process from continuing I also went in with a silver shampoo just to move some of the brassiness and hair color as well and this is just a close clip close-up of the hair texture and the hair color the.
Hair is obviously darker in width so this is not the true color as.

Just washed that hour for relief and and the later clip you guys will see that I really wash this here I went in again with my organics shampoo just to make sure I got rid of all the beach.

From the hair and I know there’s a bit damaging to curly hair but I just wanted to make sure that all the beach was out then I went in.

With my conditioner and I did go really ham on the conditioner just because I had put the hair under such a huge process so I wants to make sure that the hair.

Was conditioned I also went in with a deep conditioner afterwards I wrapped the hair in a bag and I put the hay in a.

Microwave for around 2 minutes just to make sure that the deep conditioner conditioner soaked into the heat and this is the finished product as you guys can see I’m really happy with how the hair turned out but please remember that I did reach the hair a second time because the hair came out a bit brown and I went in and erratically went over a game of bleach just to get it.
Lighter than what it was hose up of the closure you guys will.

See that although the closure looks really natural and you can’t see the knots that not that it really takes the reach the hair glitch really really nice I’m so happy with the quality the curls popped right back off the.

Bleaching it and they didn’t loosen that much which I was so happy about a few cons about the hair the hairs but frizzy bikes I guess that’s what you expect with curly hair the hair doesn’t come out.

Like this you literally have to put wrap products into the hair comb the home the curls while they wish and make sure that the way you said to here is how the hair will dry out so you really have to work with the heat rather.

Than straight here I’ll see you guys in my next video if you guys liked this.

Video you guys know what to do give it a big thumbs up and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

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