Princess Eugenie Wedding Makeup Look

Hi everybody’s Gemma welcome back to pampered wolf completely fresh-faced right from the beginning of this video no makeup on I’ve just got back from the school run and I just thought why not I have so much makeup down here which I am going to be recreating princess Eugenie’s wedding look which was so beautiful and very very English rose.

So if you are interested in finding out what products I use.

And how I do it then please keep watching so princess usually looked absolutely.

Wedding day which was last Friday I didn’t actually watch the wedding I was having my hair done what can you say I’ve had a lot more dark put in you’ll have to let me know later on in this video when you.

Can actually see it what you think of it and what do you think I should keep the dark or whether I should go back blonde which by the way.

It’s not natural just tell us you just in case you didn’t know hmm okay so we’re gonna jump straight into.

Primers and today I’m gonna be using two different primers which is very unlike me on my channel.

I usually only use one if any at all.

But I do have some large pores on my cheeks and some texture and large pores in between my brows which I want to correct before I create a soft.

Glowy illuminated canvas to apply my foundation on top of and usually illuminating primers don’t fill in my pores how I like it so I’m gonna be using the baby skin instant pore eraser by Maybelline.

I will list all the products that I’m using below in the description box as well as all their prices so this is just by Maybelline I think it’s only.

Around about 7 pounds but I will link everything below so I only need a tiny weeny bit cuz I’m only putting it where I need it so I need it here I need it between my brows and a little bit over my forehead I’m just gonna Pat that in place okay and.

Face especially on the tops of my cheekbones I’m gonna be applying an illuminating primer this is one by Maybelline again this is such a lovely primer it’s one of my favorites and it’s the masterplan illuminating primer just tiny weeny bit on my fingertips rub those together and just press it where I want it I really love this primer.
It makes your skin feel so hydrated and just really lush so just to add.

That little bit of extra glow I am gonna add a tiny bit of the Mac strobe cream just the tops of my cheekbones and also in the center of my forehead where she had quite a glowy look I don’t have the full version of this this is just.

A tester but I am only going to be using the tiniest amount just gonna tap that on the tops of my cheekbones and bring that in the center of my forehead as well so I watch The Royal Wedding on the iPlayer when I got back from having my hair done and I actually thought when I first caught sight said princess usually on the top of the steps.

As she was just about to make her entrance I thought as she got quite a high coverage foundation on which is very very unusual for a royal but her skin looked flawless so I thought high coverage foundation it actually turns out the princess eugenie skin is actually flawless and she had quite a light.

Covering of foundation on which is much more acceptable for the royal so the one that I’m gonna be using today is the Dior face and body this is one of my favorite foundations of all time I have done a review on this I will link it up here for you if you.

Haven’t seen that review already but it is an absolutely beautiful foundation this is in the shade 1w and I’m not actually going to apply this in dots over my face I’m going to apply it to my brush which is the 1:03 defying buffing brush from zoeva and I’m going to play in tiny tiny amounts and.

Just does this over the skin as and when I need it I’m going to apply this in very very light layers just so that I don’t apply.

Too much because she hardly had any Arnie could still see all her freckles through the foundation so we’re gonna move on to.
Concealer and the concealer that I’m going to use is quite a high.

Coverage concealer just to make sure everything is absolutely flawless this is by Mac and it’s the Pro Longwear concealer and this is the shade NC 20 which is perfect for hiding my dark circles but I hardly use any at all so I’ve just popped a little bit on the back of my hand but I won’t even use half of that so the tiniest bit on my 1/4 – concealer brush from zoeva and I’m just gonna dot that in place this is such a good concealer and I find that this doesn’t go Creasy underneath the.

Eye as long as you don’t apply too much there is a very fine line with just the right amount and far too much so you have to be really really careful take that across the eyelid as well because I’m not going to.

Be applying an eyeshadow primer so the lids I want the natural skin to actually poke through on the lids so once I’ve done that I’m just gonna add a little bit of our CMA powder underneath just to set that in place and I’m also gonna do my eyelids as well just to make.

Sure none of the foundation of the concealer on my eyelids moves which it does tend to do cuz I’ve got quite greasy eyelids okay so we’re gonna move on to brows for princess eugenie it was all about brows and blush everything else was very very natural the brows were a little bit too prominent for me they were quite darkened and very very noticeable they didn’t blend in with the rest of her face they were on show so we’re gonna make a big deal of the brows.

On this it’s not my favorite look and what did you think.

Of princess Eugenie’s wedding look did you really like it do let me know in the comment section below I thought it was a little bit of overkill.

Of the blush and I thought the brows were like but I thought she looked really pretty anyway I thought they look really suited her but I’m not sure how it’s gonna look on me today so we’ll see let’s go.

For it we’re gonna bring out the soap again today you know how I love.

My pears soap so we’re gonna be bringing this back out to play today I’m just gonna spritz a little bit of the Urban Decay chill on there.

You don’t need to use a setting spray you can just use a little bit of water and then just you rub it your spoolie in there and get it covered and then just take off a little bit of the excess because we don’t want to overdo it and.