Princess Eugenie Wedding Makeup Look

We’re just gonna rub this through the brow so that they’re all standing to attention when this dries it dries rock-solid so just be careful you don’t add too much but you need to apply enough it’s just a bit of trial and error now did trim my brows ready for.

This video last night so they are nice and short which they need to be.

For this particular look if you struggle with actually trimming your brows.

The best way to do it I find I find it the easiest way any way is by using soap to make everything stick up and then getting the scissors and.

Trimming them off so much easier when they are all in place to begin with before you start getting the scissors out and hacking bits of your eyebrow off that you really want to keep there so I’m not adding any more soap but.

As the soaps drying and just brushing through my brow a little bit more to get them in the position that I actually want them in so once you’ve got those brow hairs exactly where you.

Want them and they will look a little bit strange at first.

Especially if you’re not used to seeing yourself with your eyebrow hairs pointing at the ceiling does look a little bit.

Funny but don’t worry once you’ve applied the other products everything will come together it will all be fine I promise so once you’ve got those brown hairs exactly where you want them we need to.

Leave the soap to set for a couple of minutes before you apply any further product so I’m gonna move on to the eyes now the eye look was so so subtle because her look was.

Cheeks so she kept the eye makeup to a minimum just a little bit of a shimmer shadow on the lid and a little bit of brown coal pencil just to soften it off a little bit so I’m gonna be using the soft palate from revolution and I’m gonna be dipping into this color here which is called everyday and I’m just gonna use my finger to smudge this onto the lid like I said earlier on I am not using an eyeshadow primer because I wanted this look to remain as natural as possible so.

Just gonna add a little bit of the shadow using my fingertip so once that’s finished I’m just gonna take a fluffy brush and just.

Blend out any harsh edges just to make sure everything is perfectly blended and you can’t really see where.

The shimmer shadow begins and where it ends not going to take it any higher up than the actual lid space I’m.

Just gonna keep it straight to the lid princess Eugenie’s usual look is quite a bit of coal.

Eyeliner she tends to use black coal on.

The lid as well as in the tight line and in the waterline now on a wedding day.

She went from our subtle approach a softer look with a brown coal pencil I’m gonna be using the shade Teddy from Mac and I’m gonna go just on the outer half of the eye and then in the waterline.

And in the tight line as well I always find that these Mac pencils because I’ve got quite oily eyelids the oil seals the top of the pencil so just have to wipe.

The top so that it just breaks through that oil before it’ll actually draw on the eyelid I know all mac pencils do this to me but.

Because of the natural oils in my skin so once that’s finished I’m just gonna take a little cotton bud – or whatever anybody else calls these what he’s called.

No idea and I’m just gonna soften off those edges.

Just a little bit just to blend them in and smoke that out just a little bit so choosing to use a brown coal pencil instead of a black kohl pencil gives it a much softer more natural look and she looked absolutely beautiful now a lot of emphasis was put on the lashes usually at this point I would use my charlotte tilbury legendary lashes mascara I have run out it is finally gone after about five months maybe.

Even six really good mascara and it’s out of stock at the moment so I am absolutely gutted so I’m gonna use one that is almost as good which is the Chanel allure volume de revolution let’s just kill the lashes before we pop that on let’s get some Chanel on those lashes her lashes looked absolutely stunning and she.

Didn’t look like she’d used false lashes or individual lashes they look like her own so I’ve applied two coats of mascara to the top lashes are one coat to the bottom lash just to give that natural look while still making the lashes look volumous and long and just.

The lush and hydrated and beautiful hmm we’re gonna move on to brows finish them off now I’m a little bit nervous.

Because usually I use a brow pencil I use them on my channel all the time I find them so easy to work with but I think this look would look better with a brow powder and I don’t have one of those so I’m going to use a little bit of an eyeshadow.

And dip back in to the sofa.

Palette from revolution and I’m gonna go into this shade which is called lakes with my brow line brush which is the three-to-two.

Brush from zoeva I’m hardly gonna apply any so I’m gonna knock off all that excess had a little bit of a practice run through with a much darker shade yesterday and it was very dark but she did emphasize.

Her brows a lot they were dark and they were very bushy so let’s give it a go see.

What it looks like just gonna Pat that product on we’re not gonna fill in the entire brow because we still want it to look quite natural now usually has much thicker and fuller eyebrows than I do so I’ve obviously had to make mine look fuller using this technique which she won’t have had to have.

Used on Friday because her brows.

Are so much fuller than mine already so that’s the brows finished and although I used an eye shadow to create this look I had no idea how long this is gonna last throughout the day especially as it’s teeming it down with rain outside so when I pick the kids up.

Later my eyebrows might be running down my face but anyway I use the shade Lakes from the sofa palette by revolution if anybody wants to recreate this exact look moving on to the most important part of her wedding look which is blush so had I been doing her makeup I perhaps would have toned down the blusher a little bit.

Cuz I thought it was just a little bit too much overkill but what do I know if you.

Agree with me do comment in the comment section below or if you don’t.

If you thought that it was the perfect amount also comment and put me in my place because sometimes I need it I’m gonna be using the.

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