Princess Eugenie Wedding Makeup Look

Blush that I have and it’s by elf this is the GOL palette I will link all the prices below and the colours and shades of all these products so I’m gonna get my little blusher brush by Mac I think it’s one five three but it’s rubbed.

Off and it’s a really good brush so.

To keep using it some dust this on the tops of the cheekbones I just build this up in layers so that we don’t get too much on and I’m also going to use this as bronze and I learned.

That from Wayne Goss a few weeks ago and I’ve been using.

That tack ever since on certain looks that I do it’s a really really natural beautiful flushed way of applying a blush so I’m also going to apply it on the temples now if you haven’t subscribed to Wayne Gauss’s channel I’m not sure if I said in Matt Goss early around and he was from brass sorry if I did but if you.

Haven’t subscribed to Wayne Goss this channel you really need to he is an amazing makeup artist now I’m not a professional makeup artist so I do get a lot of tips and tricks from him.

He is amazing so if you haven’t subscribed to his channel already I mean he doesn’t need any plugs from me really doesn’t need the help but I highly recommend that you go and check out his channel because he’s absolutely amazing so I’m just gonna apply this I’m also gonna apply this right at the hairline this just gives a lovely flushed look to the skin just like you’ve been out in the cold and come in and it’s that beautiful fresh look and I’m just gonna blend that down the forehead I’m also gonna.

Go just over the bridge of the nose as well and just come down the other side and then I’m.

Gonna use my fingertips to just blend that out just a little bit I’m gonna move on to the lips now firstly I’m gonna line the lips using the Revlon Colorstay in the shade natural this is such a beautiful lip liner and it’s the exact same shade as my natural lip color and we are going very very natural on.

The lips if you want a full-blown.

Tutorial by the way on how to make your lips bigger without having lip injectables then please do let me know in the comment section so once I finish my liner it’s time to move on to lipstick I actually bought this product at the weekend it’s by Dior I more or less live in Dior this.

Is Dior backstage that I got this.

From in debenhams very very close to me debenhams has the most amazing Beauty Department that has just opened and I could live.

There I think they should allocate me a table to live under it is amazing a big shout out to all the girls on the Dior back stage desk you are all amazing and you treated me and my mom so so nicely and really really looked after as.

The other day when we came in my mom actually beat me to this and bought this the last Wednesday and he bought it on Saturday so this product is Dior Addict lipstick and this is in the shade bright so this is such a lovely lipstick it actually has a moisture core that runs all the way.

Through to the bottom of the lipstick so your lips remain really hydrated and plump and beautiful all day this is quite a shiny lipstick but very very supple and natural at the same time and this again.

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