Princess Eugenie Wedding Makeup Look

Is in the shade bright if you didn’t catch me earlier so I’m just gonna pop this honor in such unnatural shade so I’m just going to do a little bit of highlight to finish off this look I’m going to be using the Loreal la vie Anglo.

Palette which is one of my favorite palettes that I have I use this all the time on my videos and I’m just gonna dip into the two.

Lightest shades in the palette I think this is called something completely different in the u.

Is got to get this it’s gonna annoy me Lumi glow it’s the luma glow palette if you are in the. it’s a really nice palette very very subtle it’s not an in-your-face highlight which is why I like it so much.

So I’m just gonna dust this over the tops of the cheekbones she also had quite a shimmer up her nose we’re gonna take it over the temples and also.

Just a little bit just above the brows and in the center of the forehead and its hiney weenie bit.

On the Cupid’s bow so that is the finished princess eugenie wedding look I really hope you like it I think it’s such a pretty look.

And I think she looked stunning on her wedding day but I am actually kicking myself at the moment cuz I went for a meal and my dads.

Yesterday which is a a running theme on a Sunday all my wedding stuff is stored at my dad’s house and I could have brought my tiara back and giving you a little bit of a royal wave hello hello nice to.

Meet you hello but I didn’t so you just got me nevermind so I hope you found this video helpful if you have please do give it a big thumbs up just a quick tip for you I am actually putting on the back burner my Twitter account on my Facebook account I’m getting.

Lots of personal messages from you guys which I absolutely love please keep them coming but if you want to message me please only message me on Instagram or on YouTube I’m struggling to get through everything because everything is so separated so at the moment I am just going to concentrate on my Instagram account which if you.

On Instagram please do so because I will be asking you questions on there of.

What sort of things you want me to do next and I do all that on my Instagram account so please follow me on Instagram as well or message me on YouTube and I will try and get.

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