Linkedin Basics For Finance Accounting Students 2018 2019

Hello so welcome to the session of LinkedIn very very important especially when you’re looking for a job so let’s get started on LinkedIn LinkedIn basics this is the three things you need to do for LinkedIn and guys this is very very important so one I’m assuming you have a LinkedIn account you should don’t get one let’s start this.

Presentation it’s very good for me excellent you’ll love it so why do you need linked that’s the first question why the answer is to create a professional impression that simple I’m.

Assuming we have facebook we have Instagram LinkedIn is for professionals and you want to come across professionally so so you want to stand out you want to be this person in red imagine a thousand people you understand that the first rule is to remember.

Your net work is your net worth if people.

You know you know that phrase it’s not who you know it’s what you know or it’s not what you know it’s who you know well this is it your network is your net worth that’s why you need to build quality networks on your LinkedIn here it is it’s not about what.

You know it’s not about what you know who do you know and that’s the thing.

Who do you know so automatically I want you to get your.

LinkedIn and connect with your classmates professors people you meet at networking events executives very important connect with these people classmates I didn’t say friends that it means cool friends Facebook friends.

Classmates so here’s your very first call to action who do you connect with the comment section below this video.

I want you to post your LinkedIn profile on the section below Oh everyone watching this video to do that it was matter where you are in the world if you’re in London or Australia it read as a matter you LinkedIn profile on the comments below but that’s the first thing and don’t worry if it’s bad because or great or not right that’s the first thing you do next thing you do everybody who’s posted their LinkedIn profile connect with those people let’s build a community.

Of high quality connections next let’s get started eight your cover photo let me show you some examples Oh your profile photo here are some very bad examples what do you think it’s wrong with the first one this ladies in a club in a bar it’s not professionally taken it’s not a professional photo this man here he’s on the phone he’s got sunglasses on that’s.

A Facebook photo that’s an Instagram pic that’s not.

A LinkedIn professional CEO corporate and this lady here and it’s slightly inappropriate for LinkedIn and so for a professional you want to attract other professionals that sort of inappropriate so you want a photo that’s appropriate your face is clear in a professional setting now I’m going to show you the worst photo and if.

You’re guilty put your hand up and say yeah I’m guilty I have the worst photo of LinkedIn and there’s an award for it and it’s fine if you’re gonna win I teach you and somebody else no photo this is the worst so if you.

Have no photo own it but let’s change it right now but you need a photo so don’t don’t put a bad photo here’s the bad photo and don’t have.

No photo Linkedin headline very important copy this literally just copy it doesn’t matter you’re finally your student a first-year penultimate year and write this down at the PSA post modernize post-modernism BSC finance with excellent analytical skills numerical skills developed through my experience seeking a graduate role in anything you want 20:19 i could say for journalism that could say accountancy firm it doesn’t matter now this is the end of the absolute basics to LinkedIn trust me I will go to an advanced session in the intermediate.

Session but if you guys haven’t got the basics it’s nothing I can do yeah call to action a lot of you gonna watch this video and go easy I’m not.

Gonna bother and that’s absolutely fine I really want eight students I can help properly the spoke one-to-one.

So here’s what you do add me to your LinkedIn ask me a question don’t email me don’t what’s up me LinkedIn me my LinkedIn is here and that’s it I hope this helps this is only for the serious student anywhere in the world let’s go for good luck and please get in touch.