Decked Truck Bed Storage System Accessories Explained

At the beginning of this summer I installed a deck storage system into my Sprinter van and then I played around with it for a month and did a formal review on YouTube if you haven’t seen that video please go and watch it I’ll put a link to it in this video if you continue without watching that video first.

May not make sense since my original DECT video was launched there’s been a lot of interest.

About specific aspects of the storage system various accessories and that kind of thing so in this video I’m going to elaborate on all of those things I’ll start off by discussing the locks one of the coolest features of the DECT storage system is that you can lock it this gives you.

You have anything that’s extremely valuable in your car you have the option of.

Locking it inside your car inside the deck boxes there’s not a whole lot to say about locks.

Other than their locks they work in the same way that any lock works you turn the key it locks you turn the key the other way it unlocks in practice this has given me extra peace of mind because when I park in cities places like Portland or Los Angeles I like to lock up my.

Valuables in this thing so I’d put my battery bank in there I’d stick my computer maybe even my camera in there then I’d lock it lock my car doors and when I was out to eat or surfing I would have a little bit extra peace of mind that.

My stuff is safe for the slide-out drawers dect also makes plastic dividers these dividers fit in specific slots and help you to further organize.

Your drawer I’ve set it up such that I use dividers in one drawer because it helps me organize my stuff and in the other drawer I don’t use them because I have longer things like tripods lights and the dividers thus don’t work as well decked boxes are made at a very durable heavy-duty plastic and there is a part in each drawer that you can drill out and add drain plugs drain plugs are.

Exactly what they sound like their plugs that will drain the box and one very practical application for this is that you can literally turn your deck box into a cooler you.

Can fill it with ice put beers in there or green smoothies or whatever you please and then when the ice melts and you need to drain it you’ll be able to do that if I recall correctly I even saw a guy online who put live fish.

In his deck box so with the drain plugs plugged he filled his box with water and then put live fish in it I have a so I don’t think I’d ever do this but if you have a deck system installed in a truck and you’re a fisherman this might be very handy for you in an effort to help you be more organized dect also offers what they call a.

D box and the D box is basically a heavy-duty plastic toolbox D box toolbox same thing the nice thing about this D box is that it’s very durable its weather sealed meaning it has some rubber lining that prevents it from taking on water I don’t know if it’s a hundred percent waterproof like if you want to go scuba diving with this.

Thing but if you spill something on it your stuff will definitely be safe the D boxes also fit perfectly in the deck drawer system and they sort of lock in through specific grooves once your d box is in.

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