Resident Evil 5 \\ Stream Archive // Gameplay Highlights ( Part 2 )

I’ll have to walk around your giant body to get to the door Chris thanks for doing a lot of stereo I mean working out what is this what’s happening oh all right I get it smells horrible hey there’s a guy stop him hey that’s Alpha Team what’s up Bob a tune he is yeah it looks like he already.

Did he didn’t run run run run oh shit hope this is not a dead.

End this is a didn’t that is that is well you did it haha you couldn’t get me cuz I was pathfinding through a door he can.

Come rhodos he’s coming he’s coming coming okay finishing this guy oh my god is my sniper rifle down yeah I gotta keep you I got it I don’t have time to keep you the shotgun shells actually picked up you can use that electrical box again I gotta run past them first no problem I didn’t realize just how much that would soo twist kick I can’t pick up the machine gun ammo alright I’m coming to you I’m gonna give me the shotgun shell how much does he.

Need to be next to it there hold on no no no no God Hedy he’s got a splitting headache hold on hold on hold on wait where’s he going do you see that no no no we welcome I did you not see it.

What team kill was saying and he’s you know what really good friends yeah we yeah we don’t care about you know we we we deserve it.
Probably we do we do the same thing the other people yeah we got it.

Covered trust me I’m playing video games to entertain other people if I’m doing it poorly and they stick around they find it entertaining doing my job you wouldn’t believe the things that I’ve done in video games that were just.

Totally embarrassing come on oh if you ever played LA noire but there was a there’s a part in the King part me irrigate them and I hadn’t played the game in a while so not see you I totally died okay I didn’t know.

And the guy he fights you in his apartment and I forgot how to fight so he says I’m just running circles around his apartment while getting punched in the back of the head the entire time someone was watching me play this and we was all laughing the entire time like like I fell.

Over why I hit my head like on the side of a dresser it just everything that happened which is made it funnier and funnier and then I died eventually my plan is to get a good night’s sleep tonight and then Jim in.

The morning there’s something happening I don’t know I got the gym in the morning then I got kinky wax about you playing Pokemon yeah that’s why I’m going over my schedule tomorrow good night sleep Jim good food Resident Evil cleaning before third night why does it keep changing the button I thought it was B so I was matching.

Because that’s what I do I have to save you yeah save the guy yeah yeah yeah I’ve had some moments with that one so it was for me the the one part that then I had trouble with was the uh when you go to the garage when you go to the garage and and and.

The mechanic the mechanic guy fight you alright I’m paying attention this time not just mindlessly smashing V yeah I turned away at almost the exact time like not even I forgot they were.

Cute to use in this game so yeah we weren’t paying attention sorry about.

That we’re not gonna die this I love you I hope they give me the right QTE cuz I’m using the keyboard and a controller pretty messed up they gave me I feel like push off of each other for it to work so you don’t get off track I don’t even I didn’t remember this being in the game so I have.

To see I did it oh it’s Chris it just says Chris yeah it was all on you anyway wait laughing yes God knows there we go.

I guess my embarrassing gaming experience with both jeans touchy and bad girl bad girl roughed me up for hours that.

I had all kinds of empty I’m using the controller I’m we’re gonna do I knew it I knew yeah we really picked them swell times the night not kitchen okay this is you okay gotta do this last one mine was a me at the seat I hope I do I did it yeah we.

Won’t do it they have left something right sugar like me was at the end of it that’s Delta team.

Alpha Team is laying dead in a ditch and you know it I’m assuming it’s like the the punt is the parasites feel like a fun guy you know the last list use for the.

Real-life version for hands how the fungi like changing certain things that help the fungi out like find the colony so they can affect more that’s not I’m going to assume that that’s how this parasite.

Works up it’s somehow get you to do things that that are beneficial to you and not unit when they put it in your mouth swallow it.

And it probably just replaces your brain humans yeah I probably just like fuses with your nervousness I’m surprised he didn’t destroy his his 2013 looking foam give you one guess we.

Can control the parasite it’s Joe I’ll give you one hint you just saw Jill I’ll give you another hint he’s male the helicopter pilot was his name Ben Harvey Dent Harvey Dent No.

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