Chaosvash Live Gameplay Rise Of The Tomb Raider Self Promote

It’s our boys and girls Gabe’s gay bands do to pair with the world ever updates for the later social media where the finger playing law with twitch and dailymotion you know this Asians eka who I am look at the carriages like game play rise of the Tomb Raider episode 5 as you can see our veggies with Miss Laura.

Croft and just continue to see know where her veg is gonna turn out to be all right you know how I do I try to do what I can to please the masses.

I got the gaming news anime news from a break it down for you quickly swiftly smoothly as possible so down with me y’all get started and so that way we all.

Could enjoy the show which is me yeah alright alright let’s let’s go but first y’all know I like to hit that peak fresh but see they knew came through while I was away let’s see let’s see let’s see I see things see some new stuff can’t do do.

Gari to three details aids capabilities test apron character customization Navarre II Nova Hall and assault missions nice let’s see what you.

Got mystery suspension visuals novel shin sole no sage just so tacky no Junko bow coming to the ps4 and 2019 in Japan Yakuza for four places before debut trailer and screenshots deaf and.

We quest glitch mode and screenshots free to play bath I’m sorry free-to-play mobile suit gundam bear operations to now playable in english little coolie to Webley kingdoms first large-scale dlc details and artwork Resident Evil 2 steelbook edition ounce for gear up the first look at outer air are Lulu.

Documents of Ireland for see let’s see well see ya Oh our world is ending coming in West for the ps4 switch and the PC in 2019 swords and soldiers – Schwartzman getting launched in November six for the ps4 at a PC December for the switch shrine for the nightmare Prince announced for the ps4 Xbox one switch and the PC charge of great games wizard sympathy launches for the 28th through 2019 in Japan Kingdom Hearts HD.

5 remix and to play updates to our lock all.

Share function area October the 25th which is today industry colloquial games fans can as she started on the 18th set for November the 24th let’s see disaster 1 4 4 plus summer memories director discusses recent delayed and robotics notes – opening movie.

Opening movie full version alright that’s it for the gaming news night researching over to the anime news legendary producers Hollywood library shit fail on my hair world kami manga.

Oh lord have mercy I can’t just leave this stuff alone let’s see let’s see us we can’t Catholic group launches say collect their Pokemon ago inspired game see see pick your favorite pooh pooh boy and ultra dashi general election ever again unit 0 1 will face the king of kanji and Universal Studios Japan wandering sunny tomorrow and koji manga in November don’t make crying 5 let me take this includes cosplay worth jacket Tigers phone calls ce que close so boo life – manga ends see MS.

Kobayashi dragon mae-mae manga approaches climax Tori animation Japanese companies announced the monkey Prince CG animated film and.

Joint Chinese in America project alright debt suit cloud raised with not anime studios to produce promotional animation contents wait let’s see blue seas elemental gray anime blu-ray listed for discotheque thanks Tori no cry she walks on manga sequel in November.

Chemo friends seated – an amazing visual hints add new friends Beach gets a new smartphone MMORPG in China in November hopefully make his way over here the new game is a collaboration between Kane labs and kun LUN also.

It over there alright that is it for the gaming news after the anime news just give me 30 seconds the real definitely definitely get started hey.

Welcome back you found any more gold I’ve got here for you I don’t think they’re onto us.

To be discreet okay your reports we’ve had trouble with the natives our communications were all blown but everything is now under control if the situation becomes untenable we will step in it won’t you sent me for a reason I was chosen for this I will succeed that.

You do la are you okay what what are you doing here I don’t know I can’t remember what’s happening Nora I’m scared I didn’t think may come off to you this is all my fault who.

Who are they what did they want the same thing my father was officer Oh Laura I told you to.

Do this whatever they want just give it to them just hold on I’ll get it out of here somehow oh so Liam how’s it going there don’t touch her No no where’s the durbar in the swords that’s enough she.

Doesn’t know fuck that bitch you know you win them you you couldn’t let it go could I knew you’d find your way to this place what did you expect doesn’t have to be this way we seek the same thing you could use someone like you you want a purpose in your life we can provide that you’ve got to be kidding oh yeah yeah I just started a couple days ago you know so so far so good.

Man you don’t say no were you recruited by Trinity before or after you started.

Was blinded by idealism destroyed what would you do with the artifact why do there why does he’ll always close.

To you is the ones that betrayed me today every damn time we’re done here no not yet you and I we can’t still be on the same side history think about it this isn’t over.

That’s all he knows how to be Voltaire was alone so did I but here we are so what should I call my new acquaintance nothing I won’t be staying Constantine has little patience nor do I so I.
See me nice trick can you get us out of here there’s no earth they.

You are or why you here sorry they’re not feeling particularly trusting right now you won’t get far without me you don’t know how far I’ve come what do you know about them seven angels and secretive they.

Believe themselves to be doing the work of God from what I’ve seen they’re pretty far from holy as a breeze coming through here I’d be able to break through what do you plan to do with that all the more reason.

To get out of here is there a way out no but I found something that.

Might be useful yeah we don’t want to attract attention can you get out wait let me out help we may not be enemies I can.

See that I suspect you do – I work better alone I know the layout I know the land I’m a.

Fast learner no doubt maybe I can offer you something more valuable I know what you’re all after thank you I’m Jacob Lara take this in case we get separated we have to move the guard will be coming through on rounds.

Any moment do you know the way out yes I’ve had some time to study this place we began invasion of the valley that 24 hours ago I expected resistance and have not been disappointed the people of the valley think they defeat us but the harder they fight.

The stronger my resolve grows if they weren’t protecting something they wouldn’t martyr themselves so they wouldn’t endure tortures with such resolve they are believers I respect that but they are on the wrong side of this.

Battle you will not be long now a new better world is that handed a silver cigarette-case looks like it’s been through a wall which is likely how long were you in that south long enough to learn that Constantine won’t stop until he’s found what he’s looking for the divine source is it here trust must go both ways Laura.

What is this a history lesson this place has its own scars it was a walk camp I’ve.

Finally laid my betrayals bear Laura knows the truth now a strange series of emotions has gripped me or more certainly remorse for a piece of me that was left inside that torture cell but something else – I know Constantine thinks that I’ve lost.

My edge that my time with the Cross has made me soft but he’s wrong it isn’t softness feels instead like a new kind of.

Resolve I knew Lord Croft to be an intelligent man I know his daughter holds secrets in her head as an ally she’d be invaluable as an enemy she’ll be a difficult problem I must make sure that.

Constantine’s arrogance doesn’t get the better of him as we take her on Soviets and the prisoners he to work in the mines even that wasn’t enough they captured our people to children from their mothers.

To work as slaves God there must have been a horrible anyone who survived those days their stories to tell that doesn’t look like mining looks like an excavation it’s possible they dug anywhere they caught a hint of wealth those there’s the ancient what did they find you’ll have to ask them we have to go we already save here I’m the best chance of escape to make.

Our way to building and what then my village is in the valley on the other side of the mountain she stirred up trouble perimeter we expect another the initial attacker Patrol all right he wants to team up at the copper mill before the storm sets in god damn it it is fucking freezing this place I.

Should have brought my damn cold weather gear surprised any of this shit still works looks like this is deliberately sabotage maybe the need is all the more reason to shoot him on sight over here one at a time look it out no tape its bitter young oh yeah yeah yeah but yeah I’m all here little all right now.

Some definitely don’t get it today I play some mom welcome and I want to just pass this part.

Right here and I has let the mask fall she and I are finally fully reunited it has been difficult without her these past years when I’m weak it’s always been her voice that gave me strength when she loses hope I ignited that help.

For her that being said I must confess that I am worried about her her health falters yes but my concern is with her resolve I fear that some piece of her was lost in her time with the cross she must have faked her emotions for Lord cross so powerfully they became real and now I feel that fears spilled over to Laura Oh a pretty good day you.

Know color you know it’s the Sun it’s started feel like.

My more like winter now you know saying pretty okay day you know haircut buy some basketball right now I’m on this and like I said past this damn party how’s your day Jacob I found a way to open the inner gate head to the.

Courtyard I’m already inside ah lobsters on my head a little bit more earlier like I said I’m just going to pass this part I was just part of my head I need to do and then I’m sorry I probably.

Should be able to do three today you know say you know so after this I’m gonna do some guacamelee I Super Turbo Championship Edition and then go do a little bit of dads and after that you know place the mom my number nine and try to.

Pass that damn part I can without freaking oh I’m dying a whole heap a lot Hovey but they have tires you know but today I should be able to.

Do the full three you know so yep so should be able to do the full three obama do it like you know in short and how you.

Doing a short verses dear Jacob what is he doing be careful vici oh yeah no problem Wow I cannot wait to leave this frozen hell then I have good news reconnaissance from the scouts the natives have a settlement on the other side of the mountain soon.

You will have your day we both will just as long as you don’t lose focus again what do you mean you’re sentimental about her.

Crock girl I can tell because she’s still alive we can’t afford to do well in the past you doubt me you know what I’ve given to Trinity what I’ve sacrificed what I face I’m fine life has not been kind to either of us but I swore I’d always protect you now who’s being sentimental I promise you all of.

This will be worth it in the end with the divine source you will live but more importantly you will live in a world of glen’s buffs in I hate that crap everybody’s charged to this settlement find out what they know every story somebody.

When they cleanse the world of SIL and stuff like that if you don’t like the world bitch thing go move somewhere where you can live peacefully there was my bad always worth somebody when it cleanse the world and the world cleansed and cleansed.

A clean together sister cleanse my ass how about that shit are you doing mankind shall be judged the.

Non-believers turned to ash and swept away in the pure faith will be raised up and given life eternal get out thank you all right.

I’ve got to find a way out of here all right we’re going to stop it right there as you see we’re kind of in a tight situation but but you know me I was should’ve find my ways out all right all right back with our guacamelee super.

Turbo cherishing with dishes to be about two three minutes and stay tuned.