Healthcare Worker Annete Richardson On Why She Supports Jb Pritzker

I can’t I have given them eight years of my service and all I got is 2013’s name Wow I’m taking care of my dog from he’s disabled and can’t work my home has almost any foreclosure not once but twice because I couldn’t afford to pay the tortoise because of rising property taxes rather gas prices rasmus a utility prices.

Everything but my paycheck Hey and I along with other Hospital brokers are building a jillion around Chicago man and suburban area brawl and look in a union buster all the way from New York him a minimum of $300 per hour.

To tell me and my co-workers why we shouldn’t have a union so I’m here today to vote because I won’t amendment of 15 was present when JB pledged that he will support 15 any union throw all my SEIU members my friends my coworkers we all need to go out and vote for JP.