Nba 2k18 Defensive Settings #2 : Off Ball Pressure Fixes Ai Help D!! [coach Sliders Tip/tutorial]

What is going on you guys it’s your pop boy it’s Jay all right now we’re gonna get these damn AI defenders to stop making stupid decisions on defense okay but this is episode two it’s all about the off-ball pressure setting now clearly these settings are gonna determine how much space the off-ball defenders are gonna give but they also.
Have a huge impact on your help defense so we get this off ball.

Pressure setting set correctly I promise you it’s gonna go a.

Long way in making your help defense smart so let’s check it out here we are off ball pressure the first option is automatic we already know we’re not gonna want to go with that clearly we don’t want the game.

Making these decisions for us because we all know we wouldn’t be here if the game could handle that responsibility itself but obviously we.

Know it can so once we eliminate automatic the next option is gap the one after that is leave him.

And these are very very similar they’re both gonna give the most space.

Ball defender and his man now except for one exception which we’ll get into later we’re never really gonna want to do either one of these for one it is just too much space but the main reason we’re not gonna want to use these is because of this I mean while I was testing I saw this so many times let’s take a look at this tell tell.

Me it makes sense and this would be one thing if.

Defenders who were doing this but as we see here Wiggins and Gibson are on the strong side okay Teague is dribbling to the left but because Townes opens up for just a split second on the roll the star both of the strong side defenders just absolutely.

Abandon their man and go sprinting into the paint for no reason so that’s the big problem with this setting is that it makes your defenders totally disregard whether they’re on the strong or the weak side that is really important for your defenders to know and they just disregard that on this setting I mean look how terrible that is I mean fatigue is dribbling at your man you tough this.

Is just brutal now the next one we’re going to take.

A look at is all the way over here to the right it’s the other extreme and it’s deny boss is basically the exact opposite they’re gonna give the least amount of space between them and their.

Man so this setting is also gonna cause your defenders.

To totally disregard whether they’re on the strong side or the weak.

Side but in this case clearly.

They’re not going to be giving enough space if you’re that far away from the ball you’re gonna want to sag at least a.

Little bit even if the guy you’re guarding is an elite shooter okay we never want our guys to do this it’s just not necessary and take a look at all the space that it leaves in the middle of the floor okay so for this reason we’re.

Never gonna want to put it on deny ball and the next option we’re going to take a look at is tight and that’s basically like a less extreme version of deny ball so he’s gonna give a little bit more space.

We see Bjelica in the left corner there on the weak side and you’re gonna see Wiggins who’s guarding Gibson in the post here have to come and help on T and watch B Alika what he does when that happens okay basically nothing all right and he’s he’s in no position to at least clog the floor a little bit okay in that case we’d rather have Teague have to make a tough pass out to the corner over to layers of our defense rather than just being able to make an easy dump-off pass for.

Just a gimme dunk okay so that’s one problem with this tight setting but here’s the worst thing about it okay so the defenders are gonna come and help a little bit they’re.

Gonna get sort of in the vicinity of being in position to help but as you can see here this is just hilarious so look at all these defenders who are sort of in position to help but they’re they’re not really all in on it they just all stand there look at it I mean somebody at.

Least make some sort of an effort you’ve got yourself in position a little bit you might as well but no nothing Hey look it’s.

Like there’s a force field around the ball handler so this is why we’re gonna kind of want to go easy on this tight.

Setting now I didn’t say we’re not going to use it ever at all we’re gonna use it sparingly and I’ll tell you what I mean in a sec first let’s take a look at the best setting what we want to use which is moderate same type of play but we can see that Wiggins is.

Sagging down a little bit so he’s in a lot better position to get in the way if karl-anthony towns whose driving the ball does decide to dish it off to Gibson and we would much.

Rather make karl-anthony towns have to make this kind of pass ok look at that if somebody wants to make this type of pass be my guest try to make that pass over our defense see if you can get it through so this is exactly what we want to do eliminating the easy buckets force the defense to take the tough shot.

Or in this case make the tough pass and even if he does get that.

Pass through the defender is gonna be there and plenty of time to recover is this just good smart defense so this moderate setting is gonna make your AI off ball defenders sort of have the.

Appropriate level of fear okay and respond appropriately when part of your defense is compromised when somebody gets to be and as we see here they’re gonna do a really good job of recovering once they have plugged that leak for long enough to allow the original defender to get back in position they’re gonna actually pay attention to whether they’re on the strong or the weak side and tailor their help accordingly and we see here we have.

A pick-and-roll right in the middle of the.

Floor and the ball goes over to the left side Gibson on the right side he is sagging.

Down a lot more than B alica on the left side hey and that is a huge difference from the first clip we saw where the two strong side defenders just absolutely ran off the face of the ER and we can see Gibson.

Back really quickly when the ball goes back to the top of the key this is just just exactly what we’re going for so clearly the main setting we’re gonna want to go with four off ball pressure is moderate but there are a couple of.

More specific adjustments we’re gonna want to make the first thing we’re gonna want to do is we’re gonna want to go to any player who’s.