All About Anxiety | The Green Wisdom Health Podcast With Dr. Stephen And Janet Lewis

Welcome to the green wisdom health podcast with dr.

Steven and Janet Lewis where you will learn about natural solutions to common ailments and now here your host dr. Steven and Janet Lewis hello and welcome to this week’s show I’m Janet Lewis and I’m dr. Lewis and we are green wisdom health home of your low-cost lab work and answers.

To why you may not be feeling good here with another exciting show about anxiety because I know anxiety is an.
Exciting subject so there’s.

A difference between excitement and enjoyment however and there are so many people full of anxiety full.

Things and it’s rampant and there are people that have no clue what to do about it how to get rid of it why does it keep hanging around where does it come from.

Me anxious thinking about it sometimes you have to blood blow the whistle and call the play dead and start something different which I just.

Did recently and he’s here to tell you all about it and why we are so full of anxiety and what can we do about it because it does.

Seem to be all over the place now this reason we did this I had another subject to do a podcast on but we’ve had a lot of anxiety recently that was brought into the office and you know I blew the whistle.

Called the play dead and it’s like you don’t tolerate it I call people like that crazy makers no matter what you say they go to the.

Negative and I tell them read the book mega-haul it’s your negative you never will read it but you know just quit it and we’re going to talk about it you know it may because of thyroid it may be.

Because of adrenals it may be because PMS it may because oh you’re just missing neurotransmitters maybe because you’re you’re toxic in your bio there can be a lot of different things but one of the things I’ve seen is it’s how you choose folks it’s a choice how you choose to think about things if you think about what the worst-case scenario is it just gets worse and worse if you.

Think about what’s good great grand and glorious and can be healthy happy bright lively and prosperous then anxiety goes away so to a large degree it’s a choice you just have to overcome all this other stuff.

Read also is Joyce Meyers battlefield of the mind because that really does help a lot with explaining where all this comes from and ways that you can get around the thinking differently learning to.

Think differently and speak differently because that has a lot to do with it too right absolutely I think that’s the.

Think it’s a choice you know maybe you say well everybody my family said was well just because they did it doesn’t mean you have to do it you can’t step outside the circle and I live outside the circle but you don’t have to think that and I’ve seen people.
And all the family was negative negative negative I’ve.

Seen some people says I’m gonna live this way and they choose again a choice do something different but we’re gonna tell you in our opinion at.

Least how it’s kind of easier to break the cycle if you deal with the lack of neurotransmitters or lack of nutritious things that can calm the nerves and ease the bowels irritation I have.