Wellness Necessities: Exfoliate!

Better health for everybody every day transforming lives three minutes at a time listen up this is your daily hafte from the good company welcome back to your daily health tip it’s melissa with the good company and today i want to talk to you about something that is in my wellness toolkit that i think you would actually really really.
Love and it is called the keys it is a turkish.

Hand mat that you use for exfoliating your skin it’s a simple off-white slightly rough fabric with a little string at the end that makes you able to tie it up somewhere to let.

It dry after you use it for some reason guys i don’t know why but it really does the best job for me it’s better than a dry brush it’s better than a washcloth it’s better than a scrub brush I think when I take a bath and I use it in the bath it’s the most effective I think because my skin is so.

Soft it also works great after a sauna you could also just use it in the shower and that’s where I keep mine for the most part a couple bucks you can get them on Amazon I will leave a link in the show notes thanks Nicole for introducing me to this probably three years ago I use it with regularity and I want to remind you today that exfoliating your skin is a big deal.
We need to keep our skin healthy and supple using.

A moisturizer like a natural coconut oil after we’ve done an exfoliation is a.

Great idea to rehydrate your skin everybody wants smooth youthful.

Skin so I highly highly recommend the case the one that I use is by a company called Cala Beck I believe they are from Turkey originally and guys I’m telling you it’s a life-changer it’s a game-changer exfoliate your skin it’s.

Your largest organ a couple minutes to take care of yourself it’s again just another self-care ritual that once you see it hanging in your shower you won’t even really have to think about it you’ll just start using it with regularity and I promise you’ll notice less flaky.

Skin smoother skin maybe even a little less cellulite so give it a try the Keith.