I Won The Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot $1.6 Billion Prank On Girlfriend

Guys your boy Nate and today I’m gonna be doing a prank on my girlfriend mckaela so my killers in school right now so I gotta wait for her to come home but once she does I’m gonna try to get this done y’all so yesterday Mikayla and I went to this store we bought some megamillion and some Powerball tickets.
Because the Mega Million was like 1.
6 billion dollars and apparently somebody wanted unfortunately it was not me I checked this morning because last night we both fell asleep so we.

Check and she went to school super early this morning so she probably didn’t even check hers but I noticed that I didn’t win but I decided that why not try to pull a prank on her so basically what I did was I woke up this morning I went to the store and the winning numbers from last night I got it printed on a ticket this morning and I might try to fool Mikayla and act.

Like we won the lottery last night and I won 1.

6 million dollars and we’re gonna see what type of reaction she gives me hopefully it’s a really funny reaction y’all I really don’t know what.6 billion dollars is a lot of money and I’m gonna have the winning lottery ticket in my.

Hand y’all so we’re gonna wait for it to come home we’re gonna get this done if you guys enjoyed reaction be sure to smash the like button right now subscribe if you’re new and make sure you have your post notifications turned on because.

The grind on stopping on post every single day well not every single day maybe every other day we’re gonna figure it out but yeah guys we gonna get this done y’all either a lot of you tickets we bought yesterday we got one power boil in the restor Mega Millions and this is the one that I got this morning and as you guys can see these are the winning numbers so I might try my best to fool her yo it sucks.

That we didn’t win but hope leaders prank is funny enough to make up for it Mikayla do you check your tickets you check your tickets yet Oh buddy check.

Mine right now the you know two women lovers young googly right now so you didn’t check yours before you win this school my gosh.

You need to assume I mean when I go back to school a bunch of really started it but at least have all my community hours out how do you get any ended numbers hmm oh if you had attend to that University – it’s.

Mine – mine it looks like you have one number there oh you have one number on downward I was super close though that one has a number yeah 50 65 in this one thing yesterday this is from yesterday yeah holy shit me.

What can I see it 28 5 62 65 I have 128.

I have 28 62 I had a 62 65 I have 65 house that was the first time I ever played this is crazy I’m about to be a billionaire billionaire would’ve be I’m not thinking you know that money though oh my god roll away did I really win yeah go.

Penn I gotta sign it oh my gosh bro hold on wait my first I’m planing on one that’s crazy I feel it shot like what do oh my god I think there’s a number in the.

Back you Club it’s a saccade 1-800 kam blur I can go wherever I want yeah but you have my god Oh baby you cannot tell anybody do you hear me we mean I can’t tell anyone until you retrieve it when somebody tries to break in the house no I’m assigned it me they can’t use it if I sign it it’s in mine.
Evil what are your chances though baby I’m sure I’m shocked well first I’m.

Know what a lot of people say their first time but I’m just I’m.

Honestly in shock wait I’ll probably I’m gonna go to Dubai you’re gonna you’re gonna wait for me go to school I’m gonna do bye we’re free to miss Cooper away nobody take the next.

Plane this is crazy oh not me I’m gonna ruin one sitting in my life.

Oh my god row hell yeah I’ll go without you I could buy a private jet I can oh my god I might die your pilot now who else am I supposed to go with you got a school no I want to go right now you don’t know what can happen the more I could die tomorrow I got 1 billion dollars to use now is this a dream yeah can you pinch me what are you going we.

Gotta celebrate can we at least get champagne we were doing Mikaela come on I’m gonna body drink today i won how are you look at it I won I didn’t even tell anyone good and then you’re saying you’re gonna go to Dubai by yourself I’m about a tweet.

A picture of the whole body tweet a picture Nate are you stupid and it rip it are you trying.

To steal it is that what you want I don’t want your money I’m just saying you shouldn’t post it all over the Internet hey watch watch somebody try to.

Rob us nobody’s gonna Rob anybody okay I’m gonna have 24-hour security – who do I call for help I don’t know you obviously can’t turn it in why cannot turn it in like turn it in to the.

Store that you buy from oh okay so you’re really going on vacation without me you’ve got school what is the problem okay uncle oh my I’m.

Just going here to have fun oh my god by yourself bama’s Oh oh my god bro this is crazy I should call my mom I’m opposing on.

Instagram – I got the win oh my gosh times are different among probably sleeping well she better because I’m a billion you know it doesn’t matter I’m happy for you but I think it’s just getting to your head I wasn’t getting to my egg you’re saying who has school you have school Oh Mike you have school matter this is so exciting honestly I don’t know.

What to do is it too late to go there right now yeah I don’t really though I don’t celebrate with me what are you doing Michaela don’t be a killer vibe right now please don’t kill my vibe don’t kill my vibe I won okay I’m filthy rich okay what’s the problem you’re gonna be class and I’m gonna be having fun popping.

By lose it’s all matter we who I’m gonna be popping bottles having fun what look here you’re gonna be in class studying I have to go back to Monday oh I won I actually won come on come on oh my gosh gone good boy boy 1 we talk here Oh acting different you said that you wouldn’t even take me on vacation with you okay look do you or do you not have school.

I’m not gonna wait I’m going to go buy this private jet hire your pilot you know howdy no oh God this is crazy huh how would she even come in today’s because you’re about to go on vacation without me 1 billion dollars not even one bit a 1.6 actually boy on me you bought that money wait you bought that ticket with my money remember were you mean remember you said.