Various News: Spice From Love And Hip Hop…is She Black Or White Now?

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I’m gonna do this this is this morning I’m gonna give y’all some quick news and announcements we’re.

Gonna hop right on in to the – your business tea and gossip scoop then we’re.

Gonna play the game pic won’t you little ass and then we’re gonna conclude with the words of encouragement good morning Devon and Mimi see I got you this time Devon good.

Morning cousin Kelly cares I don’t have any birthdays today but they’re still not gonna stop me from wishing anybody across the land happy birthday if it is your birthday today turn up it is Scorpio season yes I’m a Scorpio that tyrese hello miss heel good morning.
Don’t get in trouble Missy Hill so yeah make sure if you know somebody.

Has a birthday make them feel special today it’s always a special moment to be able to see and live another year yesterday I had the opportunity to go out and cast my vote of in the early election no.

Pressure because I don’t want to I don’t want to vote it’s your choice I’m just saying change comes with you going to the ballot and casting the right people to be elected for the election in 2020 so I did it rain sleet or snow yesterday that’s out of my life because the November 6 is gonna be so packed y’all gonna be trying.

To get in there is gonna be a long.

Line going there well you know why you can go in and just walk in it took me all of two minutes to hit my boat in and I walked off now the crazy.

Thing about it what’s up is.

Was raining so bad yesterday and when I got there there was a guy that walked up on my car with an umbrella and I’m thinking he was hired by the pole location to help people get out their car well he was actually there because one of the Republicans had words on the ballot wanted to give more votes so they were out holding signs and stuff like that he was like hey have you um do you know about this guy and I was like not.

Don’t know him he’s like oh he’s right there he’s the only runner out here that’s in the rain trying to cast get votes casted on his behalf I was like I guess what’s up walk me to the dough cast.

My vote on the way out he gonna slick say did you vote but he really wouldn’t say did you vote for a bla bla bla which you don’t have.

To disclose by the way but I said all you to come.

Get me with this umbrella cuz I left my umbrella in the.

Car cuz you told me that she was gonna walk me to and from but just go get your votes in that’s all that matters what’s up T what’s up Kiki now on to the better things her I want.

To give a shout-out to P Diddy if he did he take that take that yes he did break up with Cassie of 11 years and now he does have a new boo that you know it’s just you know a little young tender brownie but that’s not why I’m telling y’all that good morning miss Watson and come here the thing is I’m excited because he and dr.

Steven Perry have been awarded their third public I’m.

Sorry two third preparatory school the school is called Capitol prep preparatory it’s their third charter school that they’re funding and P Diddy has taken any step further and he’s even going to donate a million dollars towards that school now he.

Location that’s in Connecticut he has a location that’s in the Bronx and now he has.

A location that is in Harlem so that is what’s up not only is LeBron challenging his community but P Diddy has been challenging his community and this isn’t news for the world but I’m gonna give it to y’all because it’s news to me what’s up mouthing P Diddy is always doing big things now I don’t know what happened to him purchasing the North Carolina Panthers but maybe he.

Just saw that they were making a difficult form because there’s not a lot of black owners out there but he.

Still is challenging his community and still providing now as of what the terms are to get enrolled in the school I don’t know but I’m just looking at what education looks like from the people.

That we elected in office it don’t look good for our children it doesn’t so I’m excited that they’ve took their leap of faith.

And not have but one but two but three charter schools to get people out there cardi B y’all back in the news but for good things I told you yesterday that she’s working on her sophomore album I don’t know the title of it yet but I can.

Tell you she’s dropped or will be dropping her first single I would play it for y’all.

But you know that life has copyright and Friesen Facebook has copyright infringement and if they even hear a piece of the beat they’re gonna cut my life like they did last week so I will tell y’all just from me listening to it the single is called money is a catchy song it.

Kind of reminds me of bo-tat yellow but it has a more up-tempo beat and she’s just talking about her life and she’s always done she’s an open book you know your very first album as an artist whatever industry you’re in whether you’re doing hip-hop you’re doing gospel jazz or whatever may have you your first album is always your best project because you’ve been working on it so longer you’re.

So eager for it to drop I tell people all the time wait to the second or the third because that’s when you’ve gotten used to what you’re supposed to offer and you got to deliver at that point I hope that our sophomore album is just as jumping as her first album invasion of privacy because that album was.

One that you could let play from the beginning to the end and I like cardi B you know a lot of people hate.

On her but I like her don’t change Carter B you may not listen to Chinese world but don’t change for nobody to girl B you either they gonna hate you they’re gonna love you but they will respect you next story that’s happened to thinking that’s it again I’m just being out through the show this happened to.

That show business y’all remember the Titanic I know y’all do because y’all still got it on VHS no y’all ain’t got on DVD on VHS they’re actually making a replica boat to the Titanic it will be selling the Seas retracing the original ships path from Arabia and Africa and this is going to happen on.

Or in the year of 2022 I’m not gonna get on the boat at all especially if you gotta Titanic man moaning I don’t trust y’all well anywho they were supposed to back in 2012 announced that they.

Were going to be going out and relaunching the ship and traveling those same water waves that the original trip of the original.

Ship did now if y’all don’t know back in the day before we were all born hello April 15 1912 to be exact the Titanic took off with all these people these high-risk.

Class people middle class people poor people and it kind of clipped a iceberg and clipped the iceberg and boom.

And went down that’s what we know now they said nothing was wrong with the boat but it just again hit an iceberg and caused the damage I don’t want to be on the Titanic y’all can hand out free all-inclusive vouchers I’m not getting on a ship called a Titanic yeah.

I might should have called it something else but I’m sure a lot of y’all gonna get on it anyway and plus I’m not.

Cruising on no African waters they got a lot of pirates out there yeah I don’t y’all forgot about that the Pirates be taking people and holding them hostage come on y’all yeah I remember that movie that rial.

The bighead ass was in and I’m folks took them hostage hmm you’re not gonna fool me know if it was an iceberg being it’s gonna be a iceberg debt and it didn’t help now nope not doing it I barely want to.

Get on a damn Carnival Cruise and they don’t have too many problems that we know of I’m good with the water I have a fear of water I don’t like not that was a double negative say I brought the Memphis.

In me I don’t like being above something I have no control of what could possibly happen no I’m good now y’all need to make sure.

Y’all have life jackets enough for everybody and y’all need to make sure y’all have another lifeboats cuz got I didn’t had it last time jack is still at the bottom of the ocean somewhere we don’t know we don’t know we don’t know he’s somewhere frozen looking.

Like a goddamn a fish stick with no tartar sauce.

No but I don’t have time I don’t fool with the Atlantic Ocean now I’m good it’s too much going on on this side of the.

Water Bob Barker y’all you know.

I joke a lot about barb Barker I said it in my comedy like.

How the hell is he still alive now I ain’t trying to write nobody off you know say he is one of the legendary host of the price is right but how men spry Seng that he put on other people’s body parts is.

What I need to know Bob Barker’s 94 years old he looks every bit of 94 years ho I wish I could say he had this Cicely Tyson or that Betty White look but he don’t he looks exactly like a prune would half raisin he is so crinkly I said well damn this man is out of there well his family had him rushed to the hospital.

The other day because he had a major flare in his back.

Leg was like crazy back pains I don’t know I don’t know I guess you can’t steal back a new back from somebody he might get steel art you make us feel alone and you might be steal some eyeballs but it looked like you can’t steal skin and you can’t steal a back so ho those are two things that we’re gonna constantly see him now they say he good he all right you know and I’m happy because he ain’t try right nobody off but I want to know how in.

The hell did he make it this long he is a 179 how the hell did he make it this low we never hear about barb Barker him or his hair we never hear about him but we naturally keep seeing people just missing and.

We don’t see their body parts is he spinning the wheel and getting a new.

Heart like that no way Jose you mean tell me bark bark ain’t got no heart murmur and nothing he ain’t got no no cold nothing no allergies come on y’all everybody got.

One of those three he ain’t had a lick of none of it heathen stole new Lord he doesn’t stole new body parts he.

Probably got a whole infant hardness in his chest that mean he got an extra 100 years y’all keep ladies people fool you but we got to ask my questions because if barb Barker is sick we got to check on Alice Trebek yes he’s still on Jeopardy but we don’t really know under the makeup how his.

Skin really is looking he’s looking like a snack we own them AARP commercials but is he really healthy is the question we got to ask one question Pat Sajak and Vanna White Vanna White look good from far away but the other day I was watching I was get my nails done and they zoomed.

In on her neck and it look like a turkey neck I said well shit like I didn’t know what to do because she’s old George you could put a ton of contour on but you still 119 we.

Have to check on them Pat Sajak he probably stole somebody heart to probably know everything because there’s no where or.

If he still I’d look like a Ken doll and he.

Got to at least be 70 something because I know I was watching him when I was younger I’m 21 so listen these folk we got to check on them hello we got to check on these people where’s Ricki Lake hello where’s Yolanda hello where’s Sally Raphael we’re Montel ball-headed asks we know my.

Tail around cuz he’s still you know talking.

About EMS and all that stuff and how about you know he almost died a few years ago so we know Montel still around but we got to figure this out cuz the only person that surviving is Oprah we don’t see the rest of y’all and Jerry Springer’s we will see the rest of y’all we can.

Come on Arsenio Hall who were these hosts we’re are these hosts we got to ask no questions cuz ya’ll eating out 50s to.

80s y’all y’all can’t still be in your forties unless you are your organ harvesting I’m sorry somebody got to say it somebody got to say it no I just oh I didn’t want to put this on there I didn’t want to put Jerry is oh but.

Jerry still out here starting fights and shit with families he breaking up happy homes every day so Jerry staying young cuz he petty petty people live longer I don’t know why I guess cuz they.

Stay ducking and dodging eat instigators maybe i’ll shit she said that.

About your mama heroin and they run off and then maybe they be youthful because they always are running cuz they starting shit what’s up Marissa.

Crews that I hang where I stay keeping some shit going I’m like oh bruh you gonna let her call you a burnt gingerbread cookie hell now she she she could’ve called you a.

Ho cookie she gonna called you a chocolate-chip cookie but she called you a Bert gingerbread cookie I would be too want to hyper this shit up cuz I love it I live for it mm-hmm you what Patti is I’m laughs you are here to 205 bar because yo ass is super penny yo ass right here to 305 Miami now.

Ways this is gonna be a jackass of the day because I am.

Lost in a sauce dead bro mix story now Samuel a Herbert is disappointed with the City of Buffalo what’s up LJ genu genu I gotta get you up now there is a statue of Martin Luther King jr.

In the park and this statue is about eight feet tall and it’s a bronze statue and it’s been at the MLK Park since 1983 around.

The edge a lot of you guys are the artists that created this piece of work answers to the name of John Woodrow Wilson why you got to name I don’t know the the the the face of this district this statue is so.

Horrible I will be disrespected as Martin Luther King jr. hell I will be disrespected if my name was Martin a period let me.

Show you how what this this this piece of art is now Samuel is getting a.

Petition sign he has 6,000 signatures so far to have this statue removed and put up a more I guess I kind.

Of view or a photo or a structured statue of Martin Luther King jr. because it’s ain’t it this is it y’all I’m not lying this is it can you see it let me see oh maybe I might not see what they’re like y’all could kind of.

See it from a glare that is the statute that is at that Martin Luther King Park in Buffalo New York my problem is this looks nothing like a Martin you don’t even look like a Morris it don’t look like a Melvin it don’t look like a Myron it don’t look it does.

Look like a Michael Myers look like the Silver Surfer from that damn Marvel movie that y’all go out and see now uh what at first I said what is this is this somebody they had a skin graft what’s going on with this is this a UH somebody from the Amistad give us free like who is this and why does he have baby hair but I just look like a whole different.

This look like somebody named Brian Davis this unless somebody’s dropping a mixtape next week talking messin.

Take that we don’t know who this is we don’t know if this is a.

Halloween mask that they got our own this ain’t no more Luther. this this ain’t even somebody that’s a junior a third or fourth or fifth this ain’t no this ain’t a John John this ain’t no Wallace this ain’t even a jacquees this I.

Don’t know who it is here hmm this look like somebody that’s done did some some pedophile crimes in the early and they trying to get an apartment in the neighborhood and they come in with this on they face so we don’t know who they are hello trick-or-treat I say yo what’s up kid what’s that Parker no I’m with you Sam you’ll take this shit down burn this burn is honey cause it said they st. Martin de Saint Martin that’s embarrassing so the guy in defense of the guy he said that it was.

Never intended to be Martin Luther King an exact replica he said that this was to represent every man that was black and they could identify what the struggles of Martin Luther King I was called you out if you don’t take this shit down we don’t want to identify with everybody else this picture look bad for the community sir put up a picture of Martin now we don’t know about.

Everybody else’s struggle we struggling because Martin gave us the ability to have a voice you can’t put up a picture of a dude named Wallace in India stated this represent Martin no wrong no we ain’t going for that we ain’t going.

For this ain’t no monkey this ain’t a participa Casso right.

Here this we like kick-ass we don’t know what this is I get where you was trying to go with this sir I what really happened was.

You started crafting this sculpture and you messed up.

Were sorry like damn I don’t put a whole bunch of welding into this I ain’t got no more product because they only gave me a stipend for.

XYZ I’m just gonna keep going and I’m a pastor’s office a random person and we’re gonna say it’s Martin no we’re not falling for that you got caught you’re lying you’re lying Craig you’re lying good morning Jimmy there’s no way on earth that you started you know you messed up you couldn’t erase it.

You couldn’t paint over it is you couldn’t redo to nothing so you just said I’m.

Just gonna lie to the community and tell.

Them that this is this statue is for everybody not just and for everybody because I’m.

Embarrassed to be looking at it we’re not gonna have you pass this awful Martin hell now come home John Woodrow Wilson not today now when he was originally selected to you know perform this just crap that he did a little thing that he do he submitted some photos of what his project.

Could have been and this is why I know he.

Messed up mm-hmm because that’s why they selected him because they liked the portrait that they were going to get that he was going to you know make this.

Structure about but this is what they got see that’s why we tell the folks you got to give him half a front end and give him the.

Other half when they get done you can’t pay them all the way through cuz it’ll I should I.

Got my million dollars I’m about to put some shit in to this look like a model this is the bad y’all y’all they look better hey Jay Jay out.

There looking handsome honey I’m have to come down there and make sure there’s little hussies keep your hand off of Jay my hands O’Neal listen listen listen come on mr. Herbert do you need my signature down here in Texas cuz I will sign it I don’t know what Buffalo look like but you wish I’m not gonna do is disrespect Martin call the park Martin Luther King Park.

And then put up a picture of somebody named Melvin no no and no and no again we need a iconic picture of Martin Luther King jr. you ain’t got that didn’t take that shit down and look like somebody that was cremated we’re not gonna do that not today next story let’s talk about it so on Amazon there’s a pitchy you know you can buy hair you buy anything off Amazon eBay or whatever website you frequent but there was a picture.

And I had to laugh I did what’s up Rick at I had to laugh because they I didn’t know if they were looking at this from a Halloween perspective or if they.

Were looking at this because they really trying to sell this product.

This is what gets me nervous about how people view african-american people in their hair and their clothes and their music because yeah they be rocking with us when they say I should be cute but then when they.

Out here trying to sell a product on our behalf they pick.

The wackest shit you know about a picture you know I got a picture so Acker is a company that I’m assuming sells hair.

Products they had a hair line on sale for Amazon you know Amazon has third parties that use their sites and you.

Know to sell their products faster because there are multi-billion dollar company well these.

Two was one they have two wigs on the site but I only have one picture of a wig that caught my attention.

This way it cost 1699 and the description says is a 20 inch afro kinky curl listen to the adjectives y’all 20 inch afro kinky adjectives number one curly adjective number two wavy adjective number three week four black women.

Women’s black color heat resistant.

Synthetic fashion wig with a side part natural as human hair y’all got all of it I read it to you this is what they gave us for $16.99 they actually got 14 in stock which is embarrassing nah here we go for.

1699 – yo curly – yo wavy – yo synthetic that’s your natural with the soft for this year is not a Halloween costume this is a real wig that they said is natural for us this is a black woman’s weight 20 inches what’s up skates.

I was like okay well that’s the front let me see what that back look like they’ll let me see look like this is the back fool what in the hell is his fire-resistant I just burnt a little piece of my hair look.

At that shit is this I will rather be bald headed in a scalawag.

With no hair in the back before I walk out the house with this did she sleep with her hair knotted up because she why she didn’t put no condition into what is this this.

Ain’t flying and they got 14 of these and stop now I don’t know what African Americans you pay attention to you could’ve got a stripper pony for all I care what some brains in the front but what you’re not gonna do it’s fast this shit off and look at the model face she look like these fools I’m paying me 600 I’m about to get these 600 though I think this is her she loved disappointed she looked like if you.

Bought this wig you would get a box a life supply of Newports shorts you will get some camels 100 and some Virginia Slims and menthols this is.

A bad wig this look like you are shit auditioning for three la notte ain’t no body rocking this again.

They said 20-inch afro kinky curly wavy I didn’t see none of those curl patterns this shit they should have said 20 inch afro dry as hell uneven it’s just not there drive up poops I would have been more.

Appreciative if you would have just called just for what it was pubic hair outrageously out of control that’s the adjectives you should have used she does look like she’s Carrie and I ain’t about to spit off her damn neck but why do y’all keep allowing companies to pay you to advertise and it’s distasteful girl you could have slapped some.

Beeswax grease on that before you got your head in it where the hell do you see a part a natural part at that this should look like she just got him in her head was like shit ain’t got no goddamn calling bet to make this happen this is bad this is Joe Jackson bad there’s got to be a Halloween wig this cannot be a.

Year-round wig a shit about this heat-resistant because ain’t no he ain’t already done caused damage to this this is day it’s hair wigs girl they come on a cur ai cker what didn’t and they got a nerve to have some stars for customer service who bought one wig enough to put a one star on this 14 in stock this is some hair day was something where can you.

Buy it you can buy it on Amazon just type in AI cker and this shit gonna pop up is two wigs I just only have a picture of one of them the other way is equally bad it’s like a curly wig and again it looked like it’s from the Michael Jackson Thriller Kinect collection y’all not gonna keep embarrassing my people and think that imma be okay with it this is this is bad I would even put.

This on somebody in a damn funeral home if they didn’t have any hair I don’t want to slip this on nobody girl and she told me you should be look at me Oh girl did I even put a crease on that like what is the instructions opening it throw it all get laughed at instantly what did the instructions was this washed and dried but this is bad where is.

The pink a pink moisturizer lotion come on with the UH so soft hello the green card we rinse the jail with the white top yelling I don’t mousse this shit is bad Joe Jackson Bay yeah I’ll tell you.

I can’t make this shit up this is electrical chair ready ready like if you kill somebody and they put you in electrical trade I need to make this your final picture like he was here.

He’s gone now this is bad I’m not I can’t and I.

Won’t no sir anchor I had to write a review on y’all ass mm-hmm I need both the week that’s happened to the next story now told y’all and I’m actually gonna.

Have a actual really you know studio show about this because I see that this is a problem that in my community only but across the world people are really uncomfortable with themselves whether it’s their body whether there’s the imperfection of having a.

Bigger titty one city bigger than the other one nipple darker than the other one of yo scrotums are longer than the other ones ones droopy ones up in place he’ll lie austere that turtleneck on your penis it’s a lot of imperfections that people have so I got a lazy eye.

So now I got a force some of y’all have a Miss in front to allow you I feel like your stomach is too big here my stomach been big but.

I’m gonna suck that shit in when his right cuz I’m going to the needle and then but lot of people imperfections but right now a lot of people fail to realize that we have a race war on skin skin complexion regardless if you’re dominican african-american white Hispanic a lot of people are unsatisfied with the tone of their skin and we gotta address this self hate is real and I see it in my own community a lot you.

Know I’m saying like for real like a lot of people like oh you are so cute for a dark-skinned girl oh girl you’re too cute she to yellow bone a lot of people say that and they don’t know that those words hurt the.

Person is in the skin that they’re in because now they feel like oh what a only Leighton because I’m dishing online you know it’s because I’m that shade and I giddy everybody got a preference what’s up what he would everybody got a preference you I’m saying of what.

You like but it’s people that are dealing with it every day that dance like crazy songs now I posted a picture of this I still got.

The picture of my phone cuz we’re gonna show you there is a artist that inserts to the name of spice if you’re watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta she’s the Jamaican artist is on there and she’s.

You know doing what she do now she’s a dark-skinned woman again she’s Jamaican she’s representing for the culture now the crazy part about spice is we don’t know what she’s saying on the show we don’t we need sub captions we do but you know that’s how it is in the Caribbean world you know.

Listen you have to listen fast you understand she has a song or a mixtape coming out and the mixtape is I believed titled capture she has a new song called black hypocrite uh where just go black hypocrite hypocrite shit she’s black song she and I got to figure that out Wendy who recently we saw her come out as a Michael Jackson tone like she was super pale like white almost.

And the internet went nuts the internet went cuckoo for cocoa puffs now i’ma show you a before and after picture I still think that it’s.

A publicity stunt to promote her new song I hope that she didn’t.

Go and bleach her skin that white because in the video she’s dark-skinned and in the same video she’s the light-skinned so I think it was just to promote and push the message behind the song this is dancehall artists spice the bottom picture is what we saw her as on Love & Hip Hop and in the top picture is her looking like that you know that that pasty look now she took internet by storm everybody’s like girl you don’t love you what are you doing.

But whether she did it for fake fake or she did it for real real that is a ongoing situation in Jamaica bleaching skin bleaching is a part of I guess their Idol their idealistic view of being.

Accepted and it’s not only going on in Jamaica it’s going on in Dominican.

Republic is going on in Cuba it’s going on in the 50 states of the USA because people are always told.

You’re too ugly you’re too dark you too bougie you’re too light everybody got a tutu for your.

Situation and they they just messing you up mentally you know and everybody ain’t strong enough to have a self love and self pride and are Lynette some people are defeated by what.

Other people think of them but I tell y’all when you love you you don’t need validation from nobody especially not on the internet cuz they don’t even know you now we seen little Kim do it little Kevin away from Kimberly Jonz – shit.