Omg What Does My Vegan Kid Eat? | Life In Canada

Previously on our curious Georgia the chickpea mash is one of our go-to is going vegan there were like a few who had raised some concerns about so I went to the doctor I said after almost three years of being vegan this is my vitamin b12 this is a big one George is riding a bike for the first time.

Pedal forward yeah this is the first time she’s riding I know she doesn’t have a lot of runway space but she’s doing it good Carol let’s push you back and go start again just gonna take it outside in the summer.

Time – I if it’s not oatmeal or toast George’s new love for breakfast lately has been bananas and almond butter and some hi sheets two of them they’re cool hmm you have to wait for them to warm up a kebab Dave hungry look don’t wanna hear it hey I’m alone I’m alone the berries so I can throw it of course mornings aren’t complete until she’s had a smoothie that’s usually packed with fruit and spinach and her favorite secret.

Ingredient is molasses she actually gets it by.

The teaspoon on a diet we serve her smoothies either in a cup or as a smoothie ball lately because it’s summer we’ve been making popsicles with them are even brewing up some homemade fruit roll-ups and they dehydrator they’re so good it allows the kids to enjoy these like childhood snacks that we’re out of favorites but we did it in a way healthier way we have to leave this house excuse me but look at all these shirts you have one how many layers do you have wait.

Do and what are these pants I wonder why you pick this shirt is this your favorite team is it what team is this three.

js there is no influence there at all I promise that that’s our team.

So we’re gonna head out pretty soon but where we’re gonna go is to an Asian market like maybe the one at West dead because most of you know we raised George are we lived in Southeast Asia for like a year and a half so majority of her time eating was exotic fruits and produce like she loves bok choy she loves jackfruit.

She loves rambutans mangosteens yeah what else can we get maybe some light cheese light cheese maybe some papaya maybe some and we haven’t had rambutan longing berries those are all the things that you’re used to perfect let’s do it that high five yeah okay we made.

It to the lucky supermarket can you grab that bag beside you George or is it too far thank you my sweet let’s go screen things remember the name ochre wanna get some okra in the.

Back what is that stuff Jerry baccha hey do you want to.

Get some bug to it okay always mangosteen right now can we buy them first and he’ll pull my goodness $10 for that Georgia what is that jackaroo they really jack the price up okay we’re getting out of here we’re done go check out no mangosteen okay okay let’s.

See let’s hope these are good and then we.

Got some figs some figs in vienna some melon and blueberries then we’ll be home very soon so gonna hit the road see you guys say bye guys hey guys I’m literally not even three-and-a-half.

Minutes down the road somebody hold still do they show hash to let your.

Time in them Sarah wait like peas yeah do like what should we have for dinner tonight mangu baby picking melons blueberries and.