Cracking 2 Target Mtg 3 Booster Packs Set

All right hello and welcome back I’m Sean TD Stewart the home gamer and I’m here cracking open these target three booster pack one promo card sets these retail for about 1199 at Target retailers they contain three dooster practice and a promo the promo is not very great I’ll go ahead and uh try to open these pack and see.
If we get any good tips and them the pack number one has a return to.

Ravnica eat the revolt in Eldridge moon boosters and the bristling Hydra foil promo which is not that great comes with pretty much every.
Single one of these sets is the same film oh and the second one.

I have as a Cala – it’s a revolt in Eldridge moon as well so go ahead and open these up in gets order of value which a the audition room first then eight the revolt think hella – and then the return to Ravnica hopefully we get.
A good pool and some of these so go ahead and start so packed.

One in the comment section we have desperate sand tree ingenious cab it of the horse warm certain death that’s good so a spinner bald hostility three of the standard-bearer contingency plan thermal alchemist who nice in.

The uncommons we have rise from the grave Lilliana’s elite nice noise noose constrictor oh and get a mythic here grim lair trampled to to green in the black whenever grim flair deals combat damage you’ll play look at top three cards of your library plate and number them into your grave.

Back atop your library in any order essentially it’s a survival three I guess plus plus two plus two if there are four more card types among.

Cards in your graveyard that’s actually really good and we get this open Walt captive.

A common of draws you werewolf next pack of eldritch moons galvanic bombardments nice wretched Griff this temper of the blood cemetery recruitment that’s nice crossroads consecrate ur Stephanie and keeper ironclad Slayer turn aside Alchemist greeting and the uncommons.

We have guys field scarecrow fortunes favor spreading flames and then in the rare we have collective brutality escalate draw a card discard escalates discard a card pay this cost for each mo chose to be on the first so one or more target opponent reveals or heads or her hand choose answer sorcery card from it I’ve hired scars that card card.

Creature gets – – – – tender turned and target opponent loses – life you gain to life that’s actually pretty good for to drop Kecak prowler another I’ll draw Z werewolf moving on to either revolts hey ether chaser shipwreck more a cotton the brights resource.

For return life craft Calvary renegades getaway watchful automation ice over implements of combustion Verta automation our first uncommon is gifted at their born Malthus revolutionary aerial modification.
And our rare is risk our Pima renegade what answer is the battlefield you.

Get a 1:1 counter on each of up to two target creatures each creature you control with a counter on it has add one green to your mana pool that’s nice next ether revolt pack metallic rebuke audacious infiltrator frontline rebel high spire infusion cruel finality unbridled growth reservoir Walker implement of malice filigree crawler watchful automation our first uncommon is winding constrictor has a nice card monsters on slots hidden stockpile.

And our rare is barrel chief of compliance that’s a nice hit I pretty sure this is like a $6 card currently good one Cal adesh thriving ibex select for inspection cathartic reunion.

Fragment eyes for Pratt hot club security wily band our foundry screecher wood Weaver’s puzzle knots hunt the weak tez rets.

Ambition and the young Commons we have shrewd negotiation over chase daredevil servant of the conduit and in the rare we have the smugglers copter that’s a nice hit that’s a really nice car that’s worth a couple dollars as well and last but not least our return to Ravnica booster how much I’m not sure how much a return to Ravnica booster is we’ll look.

That up urban burgeoning vism Museum skin Dyna charge rack – red freak thundering growth ogre jailbreaker a spurious guy watch rubble back Rhino azureus arrestor explosive impact and the uncommons phantom general.

Lie as sky Knight rectus crackler and the rare we have live Magus elemental exiled in sorcery spell you control put 2 1 1 counters on niveus.

Myth Magnus elemental and that’s that let’s take a look let’s look up the these rares we pulled so NIV Magus elemental can see what that goes.

For that’s a really good one drop pretty cheap just.

16 cents smugglers copter about $2 barrold chief of compliance almost $6 Roush.

Cars about 25 cents collective brutality whoo that’s a sixteen dollar card nice Angra mayor is a $7 card so $7.49 well look them up after the fact ding whining constrictor might be I have some value look that up.

Real quick whining constrictor no not worth much huh I’m not sure if there’s anything else you’re looking up gifted ether born I feel like I might have gone up not sure who I feel that way death touch life link two three two drop yeah it’s worth a buck.

Almost a buck fifty a ton comments that’s nice hit let’s see why EV sky night just coming in at eight cents.

I forgot sure negotiation true negotiation five cents oh well chase daredevil for cents all right something great there and last we won’t look up this monstrous onslaught I’m gonna cheap one as well so we got some pretty good hits here thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see.