Ffbe Malphasie & Circe Summons! – [ffbe] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Alright guys so for the remainder of our stream believe it or not I know it’s kind of crazy our stream is being sponsored by solo a Star Wars story that’s right the official movie it is out on blu-ray and is that a digital download type exhalation boy Solo in the chat if you guys want to go ahead and.

Keep pick that up you can look down below the stream there’s a link there there’s a link on my Twitter you guys have cool emotes you guys can spam the chat we got.

The the Falcon we got the Hans dice we’re gonna be using those for good luck later believe it or not I got a solo solo cup do this thing’s good quality it hits hard it does good I love this movie so sick when they came up to me you’re like the other Star Wars right I’m beacon so it’s Star.
Wars it’s amazing and you know before we do our polls for.

The best of luck you know we gotta we gotta do it up right you know I mean we gotta do it off right yeah yeah guys it’ll help me immensely if you guys click that link pick it up on blu-ray or digital download so low a Star Wars story that’s you’ve sponsored us today I can’t I love the movie the you know I just can’t say enough about it man to the fact that they like looked at me to be.

Like hey let’s do some Star Wars stuff it’s sleep but let’s give the songs going guys you guys ready I haven’t been doing any of this all day so it’s time baby it’s time let’s do it remember exclamation.
Point Sola do these affect the yes but.

They’ll they’ll be taken away after the stream and I’ll put up the old ones.

Again you’ll see there’s something to remove they’ll come back up there the exclamation point Solo in the chat my mods you can spam that throughout the stream that help people be able to click.

The link for solo a Star Wars story and thank you guys for sponsor making this is gonna be a good time that’s gonna.

Be a great time I’m super excited yeah this fandom solo Evo’s baby all right here comes our first poll on the new banner baby doing it up man we’re doing it up mm-hmm it’s blue of course it’s blue of course making me a little sad again I just tweeted.

Out that we’re gonna live with this sponsor stream if you guys want to click that link to that’ll help me as well.

Click all the links baby garland that’s not all right all right dude don’t make me put the Chewie mask back on to garland I will put garland back where he goes you know what I mean I’ll.

Put girling back where he belongs that’s how he’s gonna be all right did we have some 10+1 summit tickets which is gonna be sweet I’m gonna need do you know I’m gonna hold the Solo Cup I’m gonna hold the Solo.

Cup do Star Wars story this like this is this is good quality like I couldn’t okay all right Deacon sooo hard here we.

Go free tinfoil and baby did it hope you get the bird dude if I want to of the bird or the other one I want that STM are you know I don’t know how good this is thank you for the bit I all may appreciate you mmm oh yeah that’s it.

That’s it drew it that’s it all right here we go dude how good was this was this good for you guys or bad art some good some things about the summit I’ve heard some bad things about this.

Summit oh my gosh well uh you know that’s true that’s true cool that could be happening all right here we go come on baby waddles let’s get a dude show me that solo dice true the Falcons in chat oh no rainbows dude I mean they’re a few yeah uh gold some yellow crystals so that that that one was one banner right that was on Vanterpool dang dude that what shoot I got two.

Birds three masks oh my gosh shoot I’d honestly go for the fourth mass it’s not limited there Ron it’s not limited these units will be in the u OC you’ll be.

Just fine you’ll be just fine here we go ready how could this happen Emmie dang it Oh does it enough dude I mean those are all banners pull so we do have step ups to go into you know what I mean that’s up dude yeah well then you know.

Couldn’t get there on that what about summer things we got two of these we got two of.

These we can do that’s pretty good right that’s pretty good ouch there was a client yeah oh do you come on man come on hon help me I need the Falcons dude far enough thank you so much.

For the follow ooh double blue simple life can simple life we’re just like Ben I was behind the mask believe it or not I know I do a great impression of Chewie pretty good right pretty good the SN thank you so much for post that again guys we are sponsored by.

Solo a Star Wars story you guys want to click that link get it on digital download or blu-ray today I’ll be responsive my Star Wars yay oh my gosh dude I’m telling you man I think after him after what happened with faint I’ve been cursed bro I’ve been cursed he all didn’t go.

Too well for me but I think I think this uh I think we’re gonna turn it around this these step ups I think we can turn it around here I think we’re only gonna do one that’s gonna be all right hey thank you so much Tom what’s up what’s up dude soundtrack what’s going on all right we’re doing the first pool we.

Burn through all those you ready here we go boom let’s see I think I always come down yellow though vigilance thank you for the follow man I.

Appreciate that vanilla come in for 13 months let’s watch frog thank you so much let’s solo see it over there you guys can catch that in the movie you know she cook excavation for you so in the chat you guys get that movie if you want.

Here we go boom yeah Remo with run-of-the-mill.

Right what’s a moveable ones that what’s a moveable ones that do it to me baby Oh like I stole it thank you so much for the hundred biddies I appreciate Wow Wow I don’t think I think my ones.

Go on dude out after fate it’s it’s destroyed they come about it’s never coming back bro it’s never coming back boots unreal right oh gosh at least I knew the last one was a Mughal because normally I get trolled so hard from that dude I get crow I.

Get trolled so hard from that right next pasta game all right guys we’re.

Gonna use the power of this Han Solo dice right now I need you to guys to spam the Han Solo dice in chat spam it spam it up dudes I need to see a lot of these views a lot of these.

Bad boys in chat we’re gonna hold him real tight I’m gonna hold a real site I’m gonna hold them in my hand for good luck come.