World Of Warcraft – M+ Waycrest 9 And Tol Dagor 11 – [gaming Trend]

Mikey stop there wait Dave Dave Dave where we all right we’re in for some shit now guys there he is which one’s the tank all right I’ll pull the whole room that works this one make sure like I really did this on a high stuff oh yeah you’re not I remember I’m saying there wow wow wow Mark Evans.

Top witches is sacrificing acolyte Media line-of-sight the chick around this pillar though that bring her back after all the little guys that you think that’s about oh so just like tanker here y’all the tanker which is.

That two little guys died in any sense oh it’s just not tyrannical with this boss yeah all right here we go I’ll get next enough oh god I did okay keep walking around kill me you guys.

You can’t you have damage until you get me down spread I got next got no ID on the wrong bitch Oh I got next to no good I got now on the tall is gobbling alive gobbling you say I got next did.

Here comes the witch super out of the thing I don’t want to get this fuck once about your day it’s alright to do so with them I got nothing I can’t myself well I’m just saying just don’t make a big poll cuz I have to drink yeah yeah when you’re good you’re over to.

Drinking again David way to go good so pull them in here right oh boy do these things give specs oh this is probably not my best at fine you’re fine just keep backing up how are we supposed to get outside we’ll be fine sorry I wasn’t.

Hate shit like this Dave Carroll back out yep coach will get next interrupt I think oh my god way to go around anything or go around yeah it’s fine three guy is here to kill Sam Graham will go yep there’s a pack coming our way beware.

Beware nice under I thought I pulled the boss for a second you move oh this bitch hurts when she does their splatter storm this thing blow your cooldowns on.

Her beware beware nearly goes so gonna come out now my shadows.

Ever get that begun I’m ready back on the boss yes that’s it are you just gonna let.

Them stack all those stacks all the way up are you gonna reset them over said I’m after 15 all right don’t let it don’t get hit man those little ads and spawn here fuck the fire he.

Dodged the ads it’s a head of the fire Ed’s work they walk to people and.

Then hit him so they do it in OC to die yeah sir every for every staff he has ten sacks right.

Now when you put them in the fire he releases Souls the amount of stacks whatever sex are called now there’s much people walking around they dissipate though so after a little like 20 seconds or understood I’m gonna keep here these uh harvest soul.
Acts he’s getting when you put them.

In the fire they get released and so the little red guys spawn the ground little ghosts and they’ll walk around try to kill people I’m gonna pull water hold on I’m not sure she we could mana this guy will I think will spawn much little add something you’re a wizard Wow fire you’re a wizard Annie really thought of not that close you bringing them back uh yeah I’m just get these maggots.

In here I pull them in that squad if they yeah inside just just put.

This back get over on the same time just protip don’t run out of line of sight like that cuz it’s scary um big pole a piggy fuck are you Pig I’m gonna pull the rest outside oh boy my bad we.

Go Chris Oh Mikey yeah that was Stefano you I forgot it’s Davis key is fine okay I know one dies my body hurts you know they’ve just tell off again all right.
Talking about spoilers and guilt chat.

Beware spoilers for what something about the story.

Well story yeah did you know that extra next eyes uh-huh no not like every other.

Fucking character doll gets pissed about that yeah yeah spoilers that’s a thanks you can turn off your chat she should just muted it was you Jay oh thanks I’m surprised you still around me why has off himself yet no no like oh like he hasn’t like left or got kicked out for any reasons Wow a pig could pull me he’s fun I will admit there’s a lot of humor involved there’s our fuck down here Burgos like I.

Just love how it’s like well that’s just not the way I do it like it’s like oh you Jada pull more DPS you actually have to hit the boss well that’s not how I.

Do dude you need to like go look at those replays of our you guys’s raids on Wednesday and like watch other we’re tapping under me oh wait is it the fucking what are you in combat with is it a ground oh yeah you’re gonna die it’s it’s a fucking actually.

I think if you go over yeah it’s a hell it’s one of the stupid hounds that are underground come over here I think if you come into this room I had that book happen to me before you know I was gonna.

Say if you look at like the replace you can see him like on mother when she does her like win you’re like run to the opposite end of their just sit there the entire time not doing here but he wants to live okay safety first there comes a dog arias okay alcohol please don’t tell.

Me you pulled that and tire now trapped in this room.

So I’ll pull all these guys into the corner got really good what I in here.

In here follow the magnets in this room what what beta for Azra oh well hmm hopefully this disappears just like.

What the fuck like what the fuck bullshit was that I don’t know I’ve.

Everyone po happens a lot though it’s with wake rest that that shit happens all right I’m gonna pull them out of the room better pull this all back though shut the door be nice hey come here we got three two but fun fact since he’s talking about dinner I just had dinner it’s careful about the worms to.

The right if we pull them user thely to tank them get them away on the bus oh that was close you didn’t see that Holmes leave without a hunter pet is a rent across the mouth roll gets me in a lot of trouble yeah.

No one saw that don’t worry about it.

Yannick we go is that a yeah the boss said well at least we don’t have to worry about dogs under here so Holly this ball this person hurts a lot my cooldowns are down right now get.

That i’ll get next interrupts I’ll get this all right anymore don’t you like 80 some percent oh yeah yeah you like percent go down I think for.

The rest it is too late ones better to die Oh never ever do travel there nice hair dollar that is so so I’m just gonna keep going.

What it’s just three mobs down here now so uh what that’s also the one in the corner I guess this is these are the ones that.