Gaming Music Mix 2018 / – 66

Yeah I can’t lose I’m a pass-through if I have to teach him on like a classroom huh if I want it then I get it work hard to regret yes Eddie huh get down I’m focused you notice they know he’s showing I’m blowing keep going show being I’m growing blow winning coach P and I’m only and work our.

Fiestar’s can’t lose when I’m keeping out bars I can’t lose when I’m keeping their guard Chuck Hughes manager startup will not fucking lose when it captain Medusa ever lost in the fuse and I’m not Quinn sue never stop what I do run the Box on the roof hi never saw and am.

Keeping paid now I’m a laid down I must say it.

Loud say it proud never had it down have you worried I’m a mouth to be burped at a shout I’m an act on it now get it out I gotta get it out now hiding losing all ground I induced an old brown hotel I’m gonna know – did you tell me the crime to go.

Down for the count no discount cuz this hair will hit now hit this back and get down this tampon bitch now I’m rich now sit down listen up my sweet sound I just want to hit him with.

A little bit of rapture drop top second I’m shocked when I plump up with your sawed-off lip pump it’s a lost cause I get lost stole at the mall the sky she’s.

Rubbing on me but I’m loving this weather golly gosh but by sunset a yo I got what I need a cold beer nothing better I’ll keep doing me margaritas in a blender a body saw tender body saw slander no abandon Never Say Never I’m a go-getter and I.

Just matter baby there’s no pressure just pleasure yes you’ve got a body like you down just one other comment what does your body so much I’m fine wanna make a mind you keep saying laughter shines like a diamond nine out of nine yeah I can’t give a damn what you say yeah I’m living my baby.

Out in the shade I’ll just live for today like a kid.

On the plane let’s get laid okay yeah good yeah so my son cause we’re young and we’re crooked everybody’s hooked yeah everybody should do it by the way like you should jump and we’re free ain’t nobody stopping me.

Yeah we’ll see cuz it’s just what I need alcohol and the beach got the sand on my feet and the girls in the heat yeah she’s so bubbly she bites country said I like josh thinks I’m funny baby got a son head kicked it to you honey you know my mom’s.

Fun it’s a baby John you come in and don’t know I know that I’m full quickly let’s go let’s go baby with big house grab a bottle and shot up that whiskey and we can’t drink two sunsets this.
I have a dream that’s all I mean how baby stakes by mistakes make you.

Down for you give me a machine my baby’s not a.

Man this is just a beginning I’m closing in there ain’t no point in resisting maybe not to see the fire inside you can see after CFI they’re looking up to me they want the best of me now best Amina best Amina best of me they want the best Amina best Amina best Amina best man I swear to god man lady Sun silence our.

Days as ICS making moves what I want so I got I’ve been to see if I leave they looking to me they want the best Amina best of me now best Amina best of me they want the best of me now best Amina best Amina best I’ve always stayed the same no down I’ve always played the.

Out and I am here to stay right now so don’t call it funny it’s take steady gotta do my thing ha to the other way I stand that motherfucker straight I don’t care what they say everyone’s the same don’t give in their games just pick I.
Just wanna be great I’ll be the best make everybody forget all the rest.

I’ll be ok I’m gonna stick to it like what sort of Fame this is the game that we are playing I’m gonna wing it I buy my bread change my self I’ve always stayed the same no doubt I’ve always played the game all out and I.

Am here to stay right now so don’t call it y’all keep in the game so you best.

Know my name everybody knows my name I should.

Be on center stage fuckin pay every show we so insane yeah fuck all the money and fame brah imma keep doing my thing yeah hope.

You like I’m Drake drop the world.

Little rain I’m here to stay yeah I’m Trey Oh Lucy Gucci may be in the paint oh man I don’t got no.

Restraints oh I’m sick of hearing complaints if you want something my fame sure thing go do something okay yeah all the money and fame.

Yeah let’s see the soul overplays deep in the game but I keep doing my thing so they fuck up get him in a.

Down soon ready for me to hit him chat for a minute go lap to my limits get it nap today did you sold every ticket no time – man I’ll travel in a minute cuz I’m on a mission so you better listen on my end up winning every game every internet birth.

On a spinet finally got a mom live in every dream.

Every image they can see it now this is just the beginning trust me a minute I can show you the ticket if you wanna thing go get it take.

A swing yeah I hit it that’s wise don’t forget it always winner never quits people always do it on my own so I gotta get through it and the only thing I know.

Is to love what I’m doing never give up never.

Slow till I finally never listen to the nose keep my head up never.

Looking back I don’t through it and the only thing I know is to love what I’m doing never give up never slow till I finally prove.

It never listen to the nose I just wanna yeah yeah everything I do I’m sick of I’m stable know me okay love I want the real stuff everybody listen up cuz I’ll only say I wanna show you if you can get done I’ll be number one I’m doing never give up never listen to the knows I just wanna yeah I’m grateful a stable boy you.

Know me let’s go yeah when you’re feeling down in your alley like you got nothing but del you’re alone in the crowd just trying to figure.

It out hug this bad and this one you got you feeling left out listen up to me now would be worthless out of my mouth is wake up it’s me you’re.

Gonna fall out the drain so are you just gonna be another cocks to see hoping.

To speak yet I hope that you need just to see to be exactly what you wanted to be I feel red and the brown pipe in the mouth and shout on the bed I feel in the now.

Anybody ever gonna try to change me sure that I’m dead pushing up daisies I’m alone in the car I know I know everything I do is gonna make them fade away but you wanna be sorry the need is her I just want you to trust me beside me yeah take a look in the mirror are you seeing some fear you hear the voice in your ear can you start to.

See clearer are the better stare or can you be with your feet are young when you stand.

Right here and say you know I’m never.

Gonna give up never gonna stop the waiter doesn’t give up never loses to a poor nigga show myself fucking go all the way to the top can’t stop I’m a soldier always closer to the sofa older.

But I’m older I’m older never slow work get to know y’all don’t make me drunk.

Shoulder you need to believe you can’t achieve everything that you train but the thing that you need is in the Edit you breeze on my Jesus in the trauma to bleed every second the lapis another vessel in me I just want you to trust let’s go yeah you dare leave when you’re out what.

You need when you said and when you feel left out you know that energy drop and then creeps out but with a little bit of hope you’ll figure it out let’s go ahead high when you’re down aside through the pain you fight until the pain tonight you keep striving keep try and keep driving around and.

Keep driving survived and nothing’s in your way put yourself Lea nobody so you can make it through this hell – what’s a better time what if it’s your crown if you’re.

Better you’ll be found you back up to the grind and never lose.

Sight of your mission you trippin this life is a present if you don’t have vision you’re finished awareness so get it don’t miss it your chances yeah so be something somehow don’t let yourself down that’s right sometimes all we really need is help are we gonna play ready for.

The show I’m about to take down you already know get the fuck out of my.

Face yeah you gotta go man I’m on.

The chase be on my John I got a chance to break down yeah fucking gonna take control the fate now I can join and I know that I’ll be great help and on the show.

I know that I must stay shining up it knows the haters I was thinking that take a fucking break me they’re better roughly in the wrong words like pastries hate and you better find some fucking safety I’m coming it got like a bad bitch and pasties they can’t save me no I.

Ain’t basis IDs be going so crazy don’t play me so maybe right keep your friends tight and your family inside it never cease to fight for the things you think of right cuz you just might find you control your own mind just take your time enjoy the climb I may enjoy the ground but you never really know what’s on the.

Other side you get that shit a try the limit is the sky they can take it back what they said about you every time they doubt you make that shit about you forget about the couch yo word of mouth Joe you go back down fuck until you found but until you make it go don’t make it not just take it.

For someone to break it to each other don’t just take it you just gotta take some action take.

This shit indeed a captain that.

On down ain’t on the back dude everybody knows that I’m breaking down everybody knows I ain’t faking that everybody knows my heart’s breaking now yeah she hates me now.