Tyt Lies About Black Fathers | Tps #195

One does not simply make a scientific study about black father’s and forget to include those that are in prison hello everyone and welcome to the public space what a crazy day we talked with the Nordic resistance movement this afternoon I’m now starting a show solo for 40 minutes and then at 7:00 p.

Eastern time we’ll be talking with.

Richard Spencer I watched his appearance yesterday on Ralph retard and I was like this is a subject that I should be talking to Richard Spencer about his personal life and the BuzzFeed.

Allegations that I’ve come out so we’ll be talking about this and other news item this would be at 7:00 p.

Eastern Time but I also wanted to give my my solo show which I had planned to do about the Young Turks who have.

Claimed that black fathers were demonstrated by science to be equal to other races and their presence around children and they did so based on completely misinterpretations of the data will go through this will take the time to go through this also a news item that’s very interesting Julie swidnik who whose allegation we’ve covered here along with her liar identity whether.

Who had essentially intervene within the Senate hearing by publishing affidavits on Twitter about supposed acts of sexual assault that she would have been the victim of around Brett Cavanaugh or in relation.

To Brett Kavanaugh they are now being referred for criminal investigation for conspiracy potential violations of foul state false statement statute so perjury and obstruction of Congress so they are now under criminal investigation at the request of of the persons and this was Grassley so senator Grassley chairman Chuck Grassley referred them for.

Criminal investigation all right let’s look at the TYT video of today it was published this after oh no it was published yesterday so let’s have a look at what they claim here they claimed that a a science study has now debunked the myth of the black.

About this for a while in relation to race realism black fathers and the sargon of akkad hypothesis and maybe.

Even before we look at the TYT stuff let’s look at some of the past statements of sargon of akkad and debates about the because when we talk about outcomes in black.

Family whether it’s IQ criminality poverty in general I’m often the guy who brings the idea that it doesn’t matter at first it’s a racial characteristic and it doesn’t matter if it comes from the genes or it comes from the environment but sargon of akkad has always preferred the social explanation like a true leftist you can see him have clear explanations about what could lead to the black outcomes being lower air in the.

Debate against destiny in the 1780s black marriage rates plummeted absolutely in beginning this ended seventies and then by the mid 80s crime rates were going up and you know I mean I’m just a layman interpreting that but I’m guessing that was a lot of fatherless kids going on.

So a lot of fatherless kids going out and committing crimes he also as his own videos where he mentions this hypothesis so why do black people commit more crimes do be specific young black.

Men commit more crimes far more than any other racial demographic now much more likely to come from an unstable impoverished single parent and matriarchal household they are more likely than young white men to.

Like a strong male role model actually let me restart this and play that normal speed I add that I added that ultra speed so just so you can hear is is actual statements downward spiral of poverty which further incentivizes criminal behavior as source of income if you don’t.

Mind me speaking in more generalized terms and giving my opinions on the matter it seems to me that these people are victims of circumstance for many.

Black men the deck has already been stacked against them from their earliest days so he quotes the the earliest days of black man I’m looking for the part where he says so-so where is that part where is so what so why do black people commit more crime there it is this so why do black people commit more crimes to be specific young.

Black men commit more crimes far more than any other racial demographic they are much more likely to come from an unstable impoverished single-parent matriarchal household they are more likely than young white men to lack a strong male role model they are much more likely to seek acceptance in.

Gang culture so there you go you have aired the hypothesis of sargon of akkad and this is where you get to appreciate the years of work of Papa Jeff because Papa Jeff doesn’t like it when science has not.

Demonstrated that something is sure and and so you will hear me take all sorts of data and say well.

That’s one eye path is this maybe it’s not that I mean see what I had said about this statement of Sargon months ago so that’s from a stream of myself in June 2018 – and while you were concluding.

I actually thought about the point that Sargon makes in his video which is important to address so Sargon keeps repeating this it’s been I think a year or two.

Since I heard him say that he keeps saying that the problem of the black family in the u. is the absent black father and that both mothers and fathers from the black community need to responsible eyes themselves they need to realize that this is the problem and fix it that I say yes it may be a part of the problem I think.

That scientifically we don’t have such cause or a strong data that would not have to say yes it’s the problem that’s what causes criminality I think it’s.

A good suggestion and a good hypothesis however I would point out also that parental behavior is.

A genetic thing that expresses itself in adult human beings such as to make them good parents and it may be that certain groups are.

Disadvantaged genetically on this ability alright so there you see I’m not as strong as sargon of akkad on this hypothesis why because I know that there’s people like this guy who are just waiting to debunk and prove that it was wrong and so that’s why I don’t make you to.

That statement and you see today with the TYT video that’s released how useful it is to be more like me and less like sargon of akkad because they essentially criticize a racial view of black people and they’re in their parental and family behavior but see their critique is more addressed that people like sargon of akkad and not those like me who still consider the genetic.

Hypothesis but once you’ve have been done the genes and you sell genes don’t matter and you’re stuck with the parent our hypothesis only and the cultural explanation you’ve cut yourself from an argument and there you have people like TYT we will pose as having debunked your claims look at this those are the damage reporters a podcast on iTunes and Android you have probably heard throughout your life from regular people and on.

The media and in TV and movies that african-american dads just don’t stick around and you might have heard this in fact not just from conservatives from liberals as well well it turns out it’s not that they don’t stick around actually there is pretty clear evidence that black fathers are less around their children and that.

Is not it’s not because they choose that it’s not the black dad coming to the survey and saying I don’t like being around my child it’s that.

There’s more of them in prison there’s more of them homeless that there there’s less of them in the family home and so the ohm’s are more divided that is true and the there’s people who are literally unable to go see their children because they are in prism and.

So that’s already a little straumann from TYT but then look at the interpretation that they’re gonna do another study and we will show.

Is just another myth of American politics all right so they are debunking the myths of the black father by the way this this video released today by TYT is is an argument that’s been claimed to have been debunked before look at this this is an article.

From 2015 and they claim actually that the absent black father myth has been debunked and they use actually very similar data from 2015 and so now.

We have a claim so so I won’t address this one I will address the most recent claim by TYT.

But I want to point out that they’re essentially reusing that art from another year of the same survey so here’s the thing there is some information out there statistics that make it seem like that is true and that is what.

A lot of this belief is based on the fact what we will show that it is so true that the CDC said back in 2013 that in.

Nearly 72 percent of births to non-hispanic black women the mothers were unmarried and us so that’s that istic is true.

It does not deny it but look at how he’s going to strum the argument there that sort of information is used to underlie basically credit like everything that.

Hypothetically the government could do to benefit see how is trauma and Zi introduced that sort of information.

Is being used to to discredit Webb to discredit social engineering at the governmental level but before we talk of social engineering there Adam that that’s his name John John Corona John McCabe radula anyways John before we talk of social engineering the reason this data is being brought it’s because it’s very worrying to the black family and in fact the statistics of our families in the US are extremely worrying people like me do not advocate for.