False Accusations (black Ops 4 Funny Moments)

Guys so we are going to play split-screen me and great they’re gonna be 15 a gravedigger uncut not grave uncut okay once I figure out how to start the game we were precise you know what I have no idea my neck will hurt after this because you got that comfortable chair what the fuck oh you’re definitely cutting out.

That last I was weird oh we’re gonna set up freakin class or whatever we’re gonna SMG it’s just something fun oh it’s like Rainbow six seeds come recon this.

Is so weird it’s like small not look at my fucking screen that’s a thing don’t ladies launch sensor inside no no mom and dad I love you says they’re going live.

I fucking love this game bro either it’s kind of weird cuz it’s like extra small they come playing on this small ass fucking Matt I mean weapon I see what you’re doing why did I walk away I’m so stupid I am so stupid but you were doing the ones doing it that’s fine since it does ready the sensor dog didn’t do shit where are you shit’s again intense this is getting really intense.

God damn it god damn it Joey oh yeah I’ll wait for you since the doctor wait ha stopped active boy peeking online we have to do this like shotguns only glass this is actually a perfect man uh ninety-two ready since dr. up firing censored art justice comes empty is dry give it all you got you know that’s pretty good she.