Taking Down Servers! – Virus Investigations 16

Welcome to the magical University of Muta’s computer funhouse ladies and gentlemen brought to you by a disclaimer ladies and gents I’m not gonna put this and like like like I do for the deep web videos okay I gotta make this one pretty evident what we’re about to discuss today is federally fucking illegal ladies and gentlemen okay let me.

Put lemme point this one out okay.

Let me let me just get this all out of there don’t do this okay please don’t don’t don’t pull any of this off because it could end up getting you sent to prison ladies and gentlemen if you are caught now I don’t have to explain to you I’m just gonna give you an accurate estimate of what happens when you go to prison.

This is typically from a North.

American perspective your asshole is gonna be going from the size of this to this fucking big okay it’s not a fun time all right and chances are most of most of.

Us here would have our ass holes enlarged even larger than that I don’t know maybe you’re the one is going to.

Be doing the ass enlarging but you know what why even take the risk and why get a.

Criminal record right so for that the following today’s video is all about educational purposes now that I’ve said that I.

Could pretty much tell you guys how to dot stuff and take down websites because it’s all for an educational purpose again don’t be fuckin doing any of this but though the reason.

I wanted to cover this is because last week we talked about botnets to an extent right with.

That Russian router hijacking well I guess I’ll show you guys an estimate or an example of how that stuff can be applied to in a more practical format so chances are you’ve been watching a live stream okay you might have been watching the live stream from that loser some ordinary gamers then.

Man does his streams go down god fuck that Canadian internet but sometimes there could also be something dastardly at work see for a time I actually had a dossing problem where people dust me and I found out that it was.
People getting my IP address through a Skype lookup so regardless I.

Don’t know how you Skype anymore foe no no not anymore but ever since then I’ve sort of taken more cares to keep IP addresses away because basically when a dass attack will happen or something gets dust your router eventually gets bombarded with so much information that it has to reboot and you.

Have to you have to basically flush it out for you to even use it again and it makes a problem for a lot of people it’s an easy thing to do and unfortunately there are there are some defenses against it don’t get me wrong but for the most part its douche thing to do and script kiddies just get away with all that stuff as time gets on now of course even.

Scarier side of that is even going one step above and swatting some dude but maybe you might even actually cover how that works at some point later in time too but for now I’m going to keep that touchy subject into the IRL streaming world where where it’s sort of taken over but anyways to the world of dossing there are multiple different.

Kinds of things we’ll be doing and we’re gonna start off small and.

To the big stuff first of all let’s actually learn how to I guess make a bossing tool if you will if we can even call it that for a lot of people who don’t know there.

Are things called batch files they’re not really programs as much as they are macros terminals terminal commands you.

Can macro into just one list and let them run as time goes on they’re very useful things if you’re working and you’re doing if you want to just move files over and do some basic stuff or if you’re working with like you know ffmpeg or something or a terminal based program you’re gonna need to play around with batch files there used to this day and they’re relatively easy to make you just need to open up notepad and when you’re saving the file you just.

Do whatever name dot dat it’s as simple as that but let’s go down to how we make one of these.

For those of you don’t know Windows comes with a lot of network tools out there IP config paying you know whatever you want to call it ping is something that we’re gonna use in this situation now assuming you have Windows 10 it’s very.

Easy to go up open up notepad and easily start up a or just write down your ping tools if you will you’re not gonna open up the terminal shell yet all you have to do here is type in ping and the IP address so the IP address could be any address you find over Skype or you know well god forbid you don’t do anything illegal again I.

Have to keep stating that over and over again or a domain address like Google Facebook Amazon and you know any IP in your local network for this case for this training purpose.

We’re going to just put IP 127.

1 and that is localhost meaning.

That’s actually the computer you’re using right there the only reason we’re doing that is so we’re not pinging anybody.

And committing some form of crime if you will it’s not bad to ping someone but I’ll walk you through the the kinds.

Of spooky levels of ping that we can we can cover anyways ping 127 point zero point zero point one and I believe if you type in – T or I believe it’s W I believe it’s actually – T then the program will keep repeating itself you can actually set it.

Whatever but if we set it to T the – T command – it instead of pinging just four times it’ll keep pinging over and over and over.

Again save this as a batch file you know call it you know MooMoo – ping or.

You know don’t Dolan ping ER or something dot dat in notepad make sure you set the file type as also it doesn’t save it as a text and you can immediately run it and it’ll just keep pinging the address over and over and over again that is cool alright but it’s not exactly practical for one it’s sending 32 kilobytes of data and contrary to what a.

Lot of script kiddies will tell you if a nope if you open this batch file up like 300 times it’s not gonna make it like 300 computers are attacking your network infrastructure network interface and device or controller is just gonna say no 300 programs we’re gonna just create a traffic light system and make sure only one thing gets through at one time you could.

Open up 300 VMs and it’ll still do the.

Gonna just say no 300 things one after the other okay you’re gonna actually have to have 300 different computers for it to actually be a botnet over 300 different intranet lines the same IP attacking the other.

IP no matter how much volumes you’re using is not gonna make too much of a difference the attacking node the node that you’re attacking is just gonna like look at that IP that’s be sending all the.

Pings and just wipe it away it’s just gonna ignore it but what pings rely on if you don’t know is a bunch of people from different locations attacking at the same time and even then.

This batch file that we made really doesn’t do anything.

In order for us to make it do anything we have two malformed it or use something called a ping of death that sounds spooky but it comes from a historical term see if we go to the batch file and just type in – L or I believe it’s – W it depends on which version of Windows you have but I believe it’s I think it’s – – L and you type in 65 500 that number is pretty much.

The limit the peek of the largest IP or the ping packet you can send using this command and it is a malformed packet this is the one packet that is classified as a harmful packet basically we have buffered this packet from its 32 kilobytes of data.

Which is what an average ping packet is to 65,000 bytes and the reason why it’s 65 500 is so if we if we go above the ipv4 protocol this doesn’t use that it was actually patched out a long time ago because anything above that just sends.

A computer’s nic into some weird high weird moment I guess back in the day in the 90s and it kind.

Of just stuck since then it’s a historical thing if anything but I believe it might be.

Different with ipv6 I’m not exactly.

Sure on that I haven’t I haven’t done any of these malformed ping tests ever so let me tell ya this is as high as I believe you can go I think some versions allow you.

To go up to like 63 thousand or 67 thousand but 65 500 is a spot I think most people agree on so regardless once you have this command set and you start sending it to an IP you start bombarding them with this much data it’s probably gonna get ignored if it’s just one computer but having 300 a million computers doing this exact process at the same time is going to turn any data center onto its knees that’s probably what we’ll get into just now see this is what.

We call dossing or a denial of service attack now you might have heard of the word DDoS or distributed denial of service attack the reason this isn’t.

A DDoS I guess is because there is.

Actually a distinction between the two.

A do s denial of services one computer doing it and the distributed denial of services multiple computer so it’s just the plural version basically for it to be a.

DDoS there needs to be a botnet and you need to have one command center basically telling the entire botnet to keep pinging or malformed pinging something else over and.

Over and over again if you ever play the game watchdogs to.

The entire concept is basically getting enough followers to download an app to create a botnet large enough to handle the computational needs of the hackers Det second that game that’s a more I guess intricate way of how to handle it but the whole botnet ideology remains the same now there is a program most script kiddies know most people who are entering I guess you could say the world of downloading malware.

Or you know hacking tools and getting away with it is something called LOI Steve low-orbit ion cannon we’ve seen it on a deep web video and web format 1.2 haven’t tested it out myself but regardless a program of it exists and I believe it exists in Java C++ literally anything.

I think there’s even an Android version of it or something you can probably an iOS version 2 you can jailbreak.

In but basically all LOI C does is allows you to do the exact same thing that we’ve sort of been doing over here with a lot more intricate steps a lot of variables you can change and the ability to create hive minds or botnets if.

You will and in fact I’ll actually show you that real quick so let’s go look.

At LOI C just to see what a DDoS client can sort.

Of look like so Windows Vista comes.

Clutch with some of the finest wallpapers I could find but here we’ve got LOI.

C ladies and gentlemen this is a program that we’re talking about the one.

That has the botnet low-orbit ion cannon now of course when harpoons airstrikes and nukes fail well the low-orbit ion cannon is there to wipe any website off of the face of the earth this one.0 I don’t know what the most recent version of LOI C really is nor do I necessarily care this is more so showcasing to you all the.

The beauty of modifying and in Korea and basically taking down websites I guess you could say in this way shape or form so this is a more simplified version of it and the more recent versions as far as I know or specialized versions actually come with a hive mind functionality just typically above this area so typically where the mouse is right now would be where.

A hive mind would be located and all this would necessarily amount to is let’s just say you could put in a knight you you could basically set up a bunch of clients and then you could have a master server connect to these.

Giant basically create a hive mind if you will client and.

Slave servers and just basically send one message out to all the hundreds of different computers out there at the same time but over here will guide you through how it exactly works so over here you select your target ok in this way you can.

Set it to like 127 4 so if I can even type right oh no I cannot I can’t type some sometimes ok muda cannot type on the computer and over here you can lock on to 127 point.

Zero point zero point one which is of course.

Charge your laser now over here you’re doing it wrong I don’t know we were sitting it means okay so it says select a proper attack method I guess you could you could you could point out over there but uh yeah I guess I kind of actually has to do with well here it’s got the attack option so you’ve got time out for you know how long you’re gonna wait for any kind of a response from the website so the website.

Is alive what’s the point of spamming it with packets if there’s nothing to it then you’ve got HTTP sub-site which is of course a specific subtype of that website I guess you could say a specific subtype a sub-site for it for the domain address you’re firing on and then the TCP UDP message which is just just just messages and they’re the data that’s being sent in TCP and that over here is.

A cat is fine too de su de su de su tilde of course port 80 and then you’ve got your methods over here so you can send it’s like two you can set it to like TCP or.

Whatnot you could set it to like UDP or HTTP well with 10 threads okay.

This is how many users it’s gonna emulate so 10 different versions of LOI C is gonna be used I’ll sort of show you guys how much task manager is going through.

Not an accurate representation but let me just show you guys how much it’s gonna pull off on a dual core system I guess in this way shape or form so charge the laser of course LOI C is currently active I guess.

You could say doing what it’s doing its idle it’s trying to connect its requesting downloading request it can’t do anything to localhost okay and I’m not gonna use something that is giving ping of debts to other places because technically a ddossing stuff I’m not even gonna fucking bother with that shit but regardless you get the general idea of what you’re going to use people would download this they would enter any address they wanted sought or no www you know fuckin III Isis headquarters alright.

So if you got Isis headquarters not xxx right and you locked into that shit write the complete address okay right right the come I have written the completed I’ll just write it don’t be surprised Isis headquarters dot XXX doesn’t exactly exist ladies and gentlemen so it really doesn’t have a domain address to go out and find but back to.

It all right this is exactly how LOI C really is it just just a little glance of the kind of software that being said not much to really look at other than the I guess ubiquitous ddossing tool used by many people out there so we’re going to back out and head to the world of.

Muda in the past and ladies and gentlemen that was a ddos client through and through ladies and gents that one was ello I see of course one of the more popular ones is the only.

One you can get no not at all you could make one yourself if you’re.

If you’re if you’re getting into the world of creating hacks I believe Kali Linux a pentesting version of Linux actually has an even better type of ping tool out there that you can at least use versus LOI C but it is a generally good piece of set kit around if you’re if.

You’re if you’re into the malformed pinging market but regardless you shouldn’t.

Be because it’s fucking illegal federally illegal in that if you think a state prison can get your asshole this big imagine the federal prisons and imagine going to prison knowing that the rest of the inmates know what were you what were you sent here for one of them might say murder one of them might say super murder.

What are you gonna say I send pings malformed pings.

It’s not exactly gonna work the way you want it to well you put that one out there but that’s enough of my asshole mesh for now ladies and gentlemen let me know what you think about this episode keeping it nice and concise I guess.

You could say I know I get a little nerdy very very nerdy but next week we’ll be taking a.

Look at a pretty spooky set of malware I guess you could say one malware that is a cih levels.

Of spooky one from the blast to the past we’re gonna look at worms later on too and maybe I might even teach you how to finish up making that gaming vm let me know what you’d like to see next week.

Ladies and gents I have a schedule if you want me to stick to the schedule I might as well stick to it but if you liked what you saw please like comment and subscribe just like if you disliked it professor muda out for the day I am.