Dex Osama – Oba Rowland – Lifestyle Pt 2 Ft Dej Loaf Dex Osama (bonus Track) [long Live Dex Osama]

I put my diamonds in my car keys but you look better than the party I got diamonds in my car DS you get money Harvey my girl I like a Barbie the funeral gonna be a party bet you’re glad I lay this lifestyle bet you bloody live this lifestyle that’s lovely this lifestyle filled my life a unibrow stick.

Gonna be a party not my girl it better than the bucket excuse me I beg your price I kill a nigga over these cards face I lost my nigga.

Last week fuck so many holes in my shots where that bitch aunty why judge book by its cover damn bitch you can’t read the police are like my damn Brigade speech fuck Abbas working down there lives like a live boy ironic everything I’m bad for you gotta put it out just don’t fuck up I guess I made a mistake but they would stay afloat in the Thanksgiving.

Parade my daddy raised me right but shut up still from away I’m gonna eat what the 40 like I.

Lived in the bag I’m gonna party they should give me a day I’m gonna win us a.

Laugh go ahead fill in the blank it’s hot so let the bread like I beat the truth they might make a Sun in the same pussy to kill it get this my nigga today is loaf by kill the witness make.

Like a make on just a nigga top just like a bagel Christmas go so put the faces like this man though.

We’re doing it with the lame niggas awesome Ringo put your cane in the house so let your can’t dance quickly hitting it right just like waving bitch we all get one I got money coming down that shit javac is confetti Audis niggas broke pocket slimmer than my belly.

I’ll send it every robber cuz that others should be German that’s gonna knock the nigga down he said believe me when I tell you these niggas bones.

When they still live in their mom’s crew disrespect me gotta go to so I’m cocky don’t write a check that you can’t cash make it a bit close all you niggas going far as Paco what ways where we’re all white modern like the clue cut friend.

More barbecue and make the trip to cool a Jeremy I only fuck with bosses but I do have standard these niggas birds we go to can’t.

House in these niggas eyes throat moves baby are fake feelings I said is that 50 I sweat is like bad home dirty other Tony on.

Carry only been to a wedding are you thinking about Mary I’m thinking about steadily no just thinking about get it I’m from our cash and that shit just don’t register yeah you free all my niggas doing calendars on problem ok I bet you know.