No Rub No Love! (complete Fail!)

Yo what’s up everybody welcome back to another video I hope you guys are having an amazing day cuz I am but I’m also really tired I had a coffee this morning but it’s not really working so hopefully I wake up soon subbu vlogging today why yeah it’s all good that we figured out that it was because your attention.

Right right we’re gonna go you’re probably gonna pick another one up so he can fix that it’s all good man you’re gonna get camber on.

That shit really soon I think you should add space 3d and.

Like get some serious camera and slot that lower mount would you consider that dude yeah I did for sure you know I don’t think I don’t think.

You need even need to pull it bro I’m running like negative 6 and my ops it’s way lower than yours running.
A 10 in front bro you could easily.

Get it done trust me plus when you lower the car you get natural camera just from lowering it so yeah you got it bro anyways guys I’m gonna be heading to.

Crucial right now to hopefully finalize some stuff and actually get the merch in motion and today we have Mimi wait where’d she go and today I have my girlfriend with me how you doing Mimi’s down I got a crucial with me to help me you don’t have to go you.

Can stay back it’s cool you know it’s my responsibility yeah she’s actually really good at that is my whip for the next hour so this thing he’s got like how much horsepower this car has like a hefty 120 horsepower I’m just trying to see you a slow car so what just happened.

This way like down at my dream which is in the cupholder oh this dream on top of the car and luckily it was still there Carolus my car would have been a mess amen I’m not perfect so we are here at crucial I got.

Some samples worked on here let’s go inside take a.

Look at what I got some of the stuff is not 100% but take a look oh now he’s guy let’s feel oh it was good feel all you doing bro you know Kayla was good yeah you got the sample size Lena how are you all right we’re in the back of crew so let’s take a look Oh what’s good bro good I’m doing good all right so.

We are here we got some of the Merc what.

Damn that is clean bro damn where can I get one of these my plugin is there hell yeah oh and we got some khaki ones right here for you guys yeah damn so these fanny packs here I’m gonna be dropping these very soon guys so stay tuned for that these I am super super hyped for.

These are gonna look so good damn knee drop coming soon I cannot wait this looks so sick so sick probably gonna put a.

Dream chaser moneymaker I’ll save the font-style for when actually job so you guys to see it but yeah it’s gonna be on the strap that’s about it look hot thanks again Kevin appreciate him in or like in making all this happen making all these samples happen Thank You Selena Thank You Keith Oh Keith isn’t even here yo sick meeting I’m hyped on the hats and the fanny packs I.

Still have more stuff coming though we just got to give a little bit of time so they can make it all but stay tuned guys there’s a little sneak peek for you guys yeah so I got the black corduroy hat on.

Right now fucking diggin it I don’t usually wear hats forward but but anyways dude I am so hyped on this new drop like it’s about to look so good these hats I’m super pleased with them they’re the exact style that I wanted and also the fanny pack seed they’re not done but I’m already so happy and satisfied with.

The quality and how they look like I said earlier we still need a silk screen print on the strap it’s gonna say James chase your moneymaker because you know that’s my slogan my main goal is to inspire you guys and show you guys and prove to you guys that chasing your dreams can be a liquid of.

Thing I’m not there yet by any means I’m working towards it but you know what that’s what it is dream chasing moneymaker the most profitable life is the one you love living and meanwhile my girlfriend.

Over here spilled her drink on her seat so now she’s paying the consequence of cleaning it up although my beloved girlfriend spilled her drink I have to give her credit for the fanny pack idea she did mention it when we were in.

SF we were on a date it was all good oh so romantic and we were talking about the brand and what I could do she’s like what about fanny packs I’m like oh you mean shoulder bags like.

I fuck with shoulder bags and then Fanny shoulder bag like I would wear it like here like you know I know thank you babe made it happen it’s almost done we just got away on the rest of the shipment to get here and then we can get everything embroidered and printed and on the website so you guys can copy make sure you buy a fanny pack all proceeds go to the creator just started GoFundMe for your tuition it’s not but it’s also not right to take all the money.

That cost to make it what is going on right now anyways I hope all you guys out there watching my videos are chasing your dreams and doing what you love being the day.
That’s what I preach the most profitable.

Life is the one you love living and if you’re chasing your dreams if you love the process hashtag gary vee you’re winning dude like if you’re happy doing what you do every single day of your life you’re kind of winning like not kinda you’re actually winning at the end of the day it’s not all about money that’s not what lucrative coe stands for it’s about doing what you love that benefits and is profitable for your happiness right babe so unenthusiastic because I’m always tired.

Because not everyone gets to live and lucrative life so we’re here with.

My buddy Ireland we’re at his house he’s gonna help me with my fenders yeah thank you so much don’t worry it’s really appreciated he’s got you the first challenge here is me getting up his driveway oh you got it you got it phase 1 guys complete we made it up and nothing broke thank goodness and that front fitment Oh check this out it looks like.

We’re not rubbing where I thought I was it turns out that I could be actually rubbing on the front side of the fender so what I mean by the front side of the fender is I’m actually possibly rubbing right here and not right here.

Even though this spot right here looks like the most vulnerable spot I mean it could be rubbing here.

As well but I noticed that this section of the fender the rap is like almost completely gone and then I also have some like tire dung kind of like over on this edge from it probably spraying so I don’t even know if doing this will even do anything do not do this at home guys you really love your car you would do so are you doing it.

To your car but I just don’t want to recommend doing this you know I.

Don’t want people to mess up their shit like I kinda know what I’m doing so if you kind of know what you’re doing as well then you can do it please there’s no bacon fender okay all right what do you think huh I just need new tires but let’s be real that too but that’s.

Definitely a lot better than what it was before it was I’m thinking about stretching like a 225 probably like a 225 40.

On a ten-and-a-half – Judith what do you think that’d be pretty dope yeah you think II think it’ll hold I’m asking.

A lot of people for opinions on rent you ran a pretty crazy stretch on the 240 yeah I did 215 on 10 with those wheels that you got to see archives they should add okay let me know what you guys think in the comments section below do you think drifting with a 220 540 on a 10 and a half in the rears would be doable who knows we’ll find out in.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Z interesting really the real answer is I need to.

Go more stretch on my tires so it’s no point in welding anything because it’s not really going to create any.

More clearance because I actually have clearance issues elsewhere the meanwhile let’s uh let’s take a look at.

Arlen’s cars and it starts yeah that.

Sounds clean but then that one’s the real.

Treat though that’s why I’ve been charging up the battery on the Beamer right oh yeah you’re gonna.

Fire this up for us holy fuck what kind of engine you have in there this is a 325i and the engine is from a 325 is with an m3 transmission and m3 differential uh-huh and the engine itself was all resealed and everything so I’ve got brand-new.

New rear main seal just head to toe everything when it ported the engine and everything so it’s pretty loud it’s on a Miller wore chiptune with open headers Savage ok let’s hear that shit all right my Subarus got a lot of juices for you.

I need that a need that supergroup our Subarus uses brow this motor has like ARP studs in a metal head gasket that you did so it’s pretty reliable on driving it like this I was trying to blow it.

Up burnouts and donuts all the dumb shit and they never flew out on me so okay that’s that damn.

This thing it sounds insane you should take.

This car drifting bro taking us at Central yeah dude do it but let me see his fuck kind of LSD and everything that’s all you need.

Yeah that is seriously well thanks for showing us that Ireland and thanks for having my back with the whole welding thing too bad I mean I didn’t really need a weld anything there’s always next time yeah there’s always next time but thank you.

So much appreciate it nice cars all right guys.

Didn’t get too much done today besides pulling my fender with a little pry bar and God I went to crucial though let me know what you guys think of that job but I’m gonna go ahead a bridge the skatepark meet up some homies and skate so guys so we started a skate park none of the huns can make.