How To Get Chroma Rubico And Gram Prime With Gameplay

Hey what’s up guys this is Alex and today chroma Primax has dropped so we can say goodbye to the lobster overlord and go ahead and start equipping the new chroma Prime that released with Rubik oh and grant Prime as well chroma what can I say compared to the old chroma it’s it is a little bit stronger it has.

A little bit more energy and a little bit more armor and it’s pretty much I mean.

Just the prime version just a little bit stronger chroma was already pretty good as it.

Is I ended up purchasing with the accessories pack as you can see here you for the attachments the.

Mugie accessories they look very very nice without.

It it looks nice as well so don’t don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad looking warframe at all see as you can see here it’s a very nice.
Looking warframe now let’s see for the Rubicon Prime.

We actually have some really good stats the basic stats are actually looking like I’m gonna go ahead and back out of here basic stats are 38% crit chance 3 times multiplier decent.

Fire rate we have a not-so-good status chance but you know for what it is it’s pretty nice I mean as it is right now you can drop a point strike and it’ll take you all the way up to 95% crit chance so you’re basically going to be always crits now.

Just the basic build on this the one that I’m running right.

Now which is a no former build because I just don’t I haven’t had time to invest in it I’m going for max.

Correct chance and this is easily doing orange crits no matter what so you know as it is right now it’s pretty decent I wouldn’t go idle on hunting with this any time soon until I get some Hormuz in it but as it is right now it’s a pretty good.

Build the gram is actually pretty amazing the only drawback for the gram is the regular attack speed now the original attack speed is a point eight which is pretty pretty slow it does have 32% crit crit.

6 multiplier with 32% status chance with that 32%.

Status and we can easily drop in all four status mods to have 100% status now currently I’m using Graham for healing returns basically which I haven’t been able to max out so I’ll get on that soon I’m using this as a healing build basically so this will restore five health for every status type affecting the target so this at any given moment is going.

To proc one of these status on the target and then blast I believe procs for two statuses which I think so that is very nice that’s.

Pretty much it for all our meaning it’s a nice-looking warframe I definitely like it it’s like it’s not something.

You think you should go crazy for but it is very very nice-looking I did get the like I said I got the accessories pack mainly because of the 90 day credit and affinity booster that is basically the main reason this warframe I’d.

Say looks amazing now I’m gonna go ahead and link on this video a document a Word document that’s going to have all the drop up basically all the drop locations drop chance planet emissions and which parts the program and rubric.
Co-prime we’re gonna be dropping out so that you guys can easily take.

A look at those because this isn’t like the last prime on vaulting this is actually prime.