Kids Fashion Show + Tips | Fall & Winter Styles Bella's Way.

Hi Lila Bella’s here and welcome to my fashion show hi Lala’s and now mama Paris is here welcome to Bella’s fashion show she just said it and I am so excited to share some of Bella’s fashion styling tips with you guys most of the time when we are out and about we would get asked about what we are.

Wearing and also about our hair and here you would see how to use a few pieces of coding to create many different looks for your beautiful children or child or maybe even your dog just get it.

And this is what we are about to share with you guys today alright so with no further ado let’s get started and look one except for Xavier Paul boots everything else are from H&M all of her looks in.

This video I would say there are more casual dressy but with just a change of shoes this.

Look can be a bit more formal and I would go with a black boots if you don’t like all the jobs with the golden sequins cardigan you can just let her wear the long-sleeve dress.

As is or you can just put the vest on top of it or you can just let her wear a yellow red or black cardigan and you can just also add the vest on top of that if you like blending these colors brings balance to her entire look and as you guys can see she’s really enjoying herself look two stalks up.
Pretty simple and then you can add other.

Pieces to create other looks and you guys gonna see her looking over there because I have youtube music video on to keep.

Her entertained and that Taylor Swift song is making her pretty sad with a change of song she’s in better moods we are moving on and her cardigan is some children’s plays her cheetah pants is Simone AV and everything else are from.

Each and em including princess sheep in our hands and she was so excited to get princess sheep and in this look you can jazz things up a little bit.

By just adding the golden sequins cardigan and you can just get a golden shimmery boots to just complete that jazzy look cheerleader all strong and powerful her tank top says bubblegum divas princess Bella and.

Princess she is she received this beautiful outfit as a gift from the owner of Bubblegum divas and she also models on their website they have beautiful outfits just like this one and check the description box down below for more details.

Light pink shimmery boots cheering’s please black leggings hmm a great tip is to purchase your kids clothes one or two sizes larger this will allow them to grow into it and we all know how expensive colleges such ching-ching more money for you to save towards the College Fund and this would save your time from online and shopping in the stores Sasha Fierce Beyonce.

Has taken over her body with all this hair flip hair and ballet class is really helping to bring those dance moves out well excuse me okay now once your kid has grown out his or her clothing another tip that you can use is just.

Pass it on to your younger kids or you can give it to friends and relatives as long as they’re okay with.

That because some people are very sensitive to that you can also donate them and write it off on your tax return and there are many places that buy and sell kids clothing there are so many of them online you can find them online another thing that you can use is to clean your kids shoes with.