Ridgid R4030 Tile Saw

There are four main features that the customers are going to really appreciate on this off the oversized cut capacity die-cast aluminum table water control and the rigid lifetime service agreement I’m excited about adding this saw to the lineup because it gives the customers a heavy-duty professional grade overhead pile saw under $300 no one has the overhead tile saw.

At this price point in these features this saw has a 24 inch by 18 inch capacity which means that the customers can do a 24 inch rip or a straight cut as well as an 18 inch diagonal cut this saw has the largest cut.

Capacity on the market however you can definitely cut smaller tiles as well the blade can cut as deep as two and a quarter inch this means that the customer can cut larger tiles and even pavers this is a great feature because the trend right now is larger tiles especially in our warm weather markets our promo like this because it’s going to limit the need for them to carry multiple saws on jobs with 18 inch or larger tiles moving on let’s talk about the die cast aluminum table in rollers what’s.

Important to know is that the aluminum is strong and gives a stable base for all tile cuts the steel ball bearing rollers and precision rails allow the table to glide.

Smoothly along the rails without much force this gives you a smooth stable cut with fewer mistakes another important feature is the water management system as you might already know tile saws use water to cool down the blade as it cuts the rigid saw has a guard.

Baffle to reduce the air turbulence this keeps water on the blade while removing excess water so there’s less misting and overspray the system also keeps debris from getting into the pumps of your water stays clean and moving across the blade this all has all.

Of these great features and it’s the only saw on the market to have the rigid lifetime service agreement that means free parts free service for life customers can register their new rigid saw in-store online by phone or through the mail.