Lps Accessories :part 2 /showing My New Lps

Oh guys welcome back to the era and today I’m gonna show you where I keep all brake accessories twelve years and yeah so you know the answer with the video so um I keep all my accessories and items for LPS and this big white box so at the top I have drink and yeah drinking the food and drinks.

And food and this little glass key yes this foot is literally decadent oh yeah I used to be overlooked lost his house that’s why it’s always a little lip gloss in it so okay I’m gonna have to clean my LPS the video so yeah sounds like a good Halloween things things the nice thing.

Basket I I just hide up and yeah my second fight is now so I just put um just anything here this is my new place okay.

Just open randomly okay so these menus these are just spots so um oh and this is a sand Oh bucket in gain these always Suites things trash cans little hair this little um that’s my my little head it goes on my ladybug okay camera little mouse.

Glasses and frisbee so yeah also it’s also um a little bonus is almost over so many LPS I just got and yeah I’m gonna doing the video over and over again but I just haven’t posted it because it will be really bad but in practice and practicing tries to get it all right but it just falls apart so let’s see if I can write be able to do show.

You right now PS oh yeah let it go up are you serious okay it’s just got bags and accessories that I put on a piece of hair so don’t really worry about this so that guys is opened up again.

Hold up okay so I put them all away so yes all my office e-series okay and I’m sure many of yes so you might have been able to tell I’m the obvious Great Danes I just started off with things of there is what I money over here so I’m really excited um I got the LP yes um I’m actually.

Like five days ago or something like that you know yes so this new lps yeah new Great Dane so yeah my second happiest is this sort of cat I.

Don’t have this cat before I know wait one of the new up hisses the second the obvious I got it was um was a Jack Russell but I tried it with my friend so I gave it to her and I got a chance so I’m happy with it yeah see ya peace new.

Your peace I got was this purple um little cat it’s really cute okay the fourth one I got was this a flamingo yeah just quite cute this one oh no it’s an owl and which I just showed you guys before yes there’s any up here I thought yes daffodil was like two things so that’s good so yeah and I hope you enjoyed the video of me showing you my LPS accessories and mine LPS so yeah.

Oh yeah so this is a pack 2 of our piece accessories I just changed my pieces around I used to keep them in this little Smigiel um holder thingy and that was in one of my earlier videos so you go check that that you should go.

Check that out and yeah this is part 2 and I just remade it this is what I’m doing into my office histories now so yeah okay bye you guys.