My 2019 Happy Planner Accessories Lineup

Alright y’all so here are the bit of the accessories that I picked up and we’ll go through them together so let’s start off with this Christmas extension Pat says technically I’m not going to be using it in 2019 well maybe it depends on how much I use it this so I like I said I just had my son.

Three months ago so I’m kind of like.

More so in the Christmas period he is the only baby that’s been in our family for a while so we really didn’t do too much for Christmas other.

Than like kind of get together and cook but since he is here I have been wanting to do a little bit more Christmasy things so I thought it’ll be really cool to pick up this extension pack if you want.

Me to do a flicker love it just let me know I can put that in a separate video but here it pretty much has like you can write up your menu any parties cookie exchanged hearts and gifts and it’s a.

So I’m thinking my plan I’m thinking of doing like a friends giving slash cooking exchange like right in between the time of right after Thanksgiving but before Christmas with a group of my friends so I’m going to use this for that and depending on I’m pretty sure I’m not going to use this whole thing so I may be able to even use it for the next holiday season in 2019 so that’s done I picked up these from the Dollar Tree oh and you can find the the Christmas extension.

Pack I believe it’s exclusive to Hobby Lobby so I picked up these stickers from the Dollar Tree I thought they would be super cute to make little clips so my plan is to basically glue each one together.

And have a paper clip in between but yeah I thought they were super cute I love me some cupcakes I didn’t put on man with stickers although they actually are stickers because I’m going to make them into accessories so I got these from Amazon I actually end up buying before this I bought Sharpie markers but they bled through so I was in the market of looking for something that did not bleed so I found this for about a.

Buck and here’s all the colors here so you guys can see it I’ll put a link of it below got it off an Amazon like I said um they are cheap they do I could pull one out they do.

Feel I mean I guess you really can’t feel but they do feel very cheap to me but in writing with them the color does show up and it doesn’t bleed through so I am going to be using this for 2019 the cheapy fill doesn’t really bother me.

Too much but I know planter.

Girls who like a pen that has a little bit more.

Weight to them that feels a little bit more expensive so that’s why I wanted to mention that just in case you’re one of those planter girls so this I picked up for Miss maker this is like any notes that extra you know extra paper for notes or anything I’m going to.

Jot down like scheduling for YouTube video scheduling for Pinterest and Instagram post so yeah that’s why I picked that up and it just is the foil up top if.

You can see that and it just says get it done and all the back has make do you can see that there we go yeah so as I was talking to you all.

About this earlier here she is so this is why I really.

Wanted to pick it this up this is from Greek elections I found it at Michaels it was actually a fun sale but I am really big on Hulu and Netflix so I thought it would be really cool to kind of joy shows I need to watch.

And once I finish them and kind of give my rating on them they also have wine tasting outfits and shopping but yeah this was really fun I.
Think I end up only spending maybe five bucks on.

It so I actually picked up an extra one just in case um so.

This is all do these two together since they kind of relate.

I bought the Super Mom dry erase boards as you can see I’ve already written in them I just put it back in the pack for the sake of this video but it.

Has the meal planner here for every week and you put your you know your wheat date up there your grocery lists and it also has a family counter calendar which.

I don’t think that I will get too much use out of because like I said Aston is a little there’s not really too many activities going on other than hospital visits but you know checkups rather not like he’s in the hospital but I thought this was super cool and this is something that I can move over it’s a planner to planner so I picked that up and.

Then I also got these from Amazon I was really excited for the dry-erase but I was like what and it just you know if you close your planner it gets wiped off.

And then someone in the trip was I know you’ll get these wet erase markers so these are what I picked up from Amazon I don’t think I’ve spent any more than eight bucks I will put the link down below in theory there are supposed to not erase until you wet it off but sometimes if.

You don’t let it dry like if you wrote something down and close it you might get a.

Little bit of transfer with these markers but for the most part as you can see it’s in the plastic it’s not a racing or anything so for the most.

Part it is a wet race marker but yeah that wraps up all the accessories let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns will want more thorough flippers of any other products that.

I have for 2019 I am really excited for this year this is the first year with the Mumbi release that I felt like.

I was kind of represented and not like represented as in like my person last year I wasn’t really feeling any other planners like I.

Think the only one I end up buying last year from.

Was the goal getter and I was working a full-time job at that time so there really wasn’t no need for me to have a breakdown of hourly so I end up selling all of.

That sand I didn’t see myself in any other happy dirt.

Line so I’m really excited I feel like it was definitely you know a good release this year tons of accessories this year that I could not possibly buy them all but yeah I’m really excited especially for miss maker as a crafting person but yeah thank you guys.

So much for watching make sure you like comment and subscribe to the channel there will be weekly plan with me is coming along you guys probably won’t see the new products being.

Used until 2019 but I will do my plan with me for the rest of the year so definitely stay tuned to that I have crafts coming up sewing all that good jazz so if you have anything that you want to see please.