Mttv Archive: David Knight Coin 12.11.2012

Come up to the headquarters for stamps and coins of course the post office so dr. burry woman in charge on a bike today explain well we’re here today to celebrate the coin coming out with David Knight world champion in 2010 and do row which is off road and I’m sitting on this big KTM here and it’s got a.

More comfy seat than I imagined because I didn’t yeah but it’s very good and we.
Brought out this the alaban treasury a.

Brought out this coin and we’ve got a super PAC with David on his KTM and also here we have a piece of noble entire from an actual tire of David’s bike Wow so someone had cut that all up we have we got the resource center in the other man to do this they were very excited to be dealing with such a prestigious tire okay well David ex-world champion also like to get on a.

Really i thought doc said she was on a footman a 500 pound note we’ve been put 250 feet whoo there ya know if.

Billion and you know to get this and had to some stamps before in the past and now have brilliant to be on it so yeah pretty exciting I mean how are you doing these days I mean I know you in between aren’t you were changing the sponsors and that sort.

Of thing is life good for you this time I’m ya fella tough couple years last year had hip surgery to miss most year and this year had had a couple more problems end up in hospital but am I had a couple wins this.

Year and wooden a British championship for the tents are and which is a record so yeah it’s not being a bad year I’m so forth in the world this.

Year which i miss duration Finland due to to be an injured and so it could be a lot worse what about next year sights on winning it back the title yeah move to honda for next year and going to my own known team we’ve got Paul Edmondson involved he was a.
World champion close friend of Mines and you know we just.

Said i have a small for a tight-knit good team hopefully and yeah so i’m looking forward to that and definitely good chance of you know just get the work done now and when the world championship back well always.

Proud of our Max’s are we done i know.

You get a chance you do promotion like this must all help oh yeah we were very proud of our banks boys and girls and i was.

Just thinking that you know to be a world champion fourth in the world David sort of dismissed it very casually but we all know it’s down to injury and we know that David would be up in the number one spot had he not had the injuries and surgery on his hip and a new hip he’s like the bionic man but you know we’re just so proud of all the boys and girls sports people and anybody else who puts the isle of man on the map and.

I think it’s very important for them to be recognized as such and we’re.

Really proud of David’s achievements and the other little nippers coming through that are biting at his heels you know keeps David on his toes that’s the young McCanney boys and the Alex Rockwell and you know we wish them all the very best for 2012 because I think their seasons are finished now for sorry.

2013 because I think that 2012 season now they’re just regrouping the next you.